Friday, March 16, 2012

Landslide disaster in Bali

Landslide struck Bali. The death toll from landslides and floods as many as seven people.

Landslides that occurred in Bali due to the rain which flushed bali continuously without stopping. Resulted in soil and cliffs surrounding houses are unable to resist the infiltration of water.

Incidence of the worst landslides occurred in the village of Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan. While the disaster that claimed occurred Regency Bangli.

Landslide events in Bali have occurred since Tuesday (March 13) night. And soil longsoh aftershocks occurred on Thursday (March 15) in the Village and Village Belandingan dish. As a result a lot of downed trees, mudslides closed roads, so that hundreds of households threatened with starvation.

Joint team of disaster management of the Province of Bali difficulty reaching the location of the landslide in the village of Belandingan, Bangli, because terhadang landslide deposits and trees when going into the disaster area.

Three villagers Belandingan landslides as they travel over the hills after doing work in the fields.

In addition to the access road is still closed, the location of the disaster are also somewhat isolated in the hills that are difficult to reach if without the use of special vehicles.