Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to make Ogoh-Ogoh

Ogoh-ogoh general shape of the hideous creature, which symbolizes evil creatures. The meaning of making ogoh-ogoh is as a form of message submission from the manufacturer that all forms of evil in themselves must be removed and destroyed.

On the island of Bali, making ogoh-ogoh done by many people, and is usually made ​​by the village youth group. All the raw materials in the manufacture of ogoh-ogoh can from the garden around the village. For raw materials should be purchased, usually ogoh-ogoh makers ask for donations from the villagers.

Ogoh-ogoh made ​​of bamboo, paper / sponge, and to use the paint coloring. Large-ogoh ogoh local capacity and the number of people who will bear. More and more young members of a group, the ogoh-ogoh will be even greater.

Making ogoh-ogoh. First, make a foundation ogoh-ogoh. Foundation is made of wood, strung together a square, and must be sturdy.

On the foundation created as a support frame body ogoh-ogoh. Then the blanket frame with woven bamboo and pitches up to frame to form the desired ogoh-ogoh.

Once the framework is completed, then the blanket to the paper / sponge until the entire frame is covered. Adjust the curve of the cover paper / sponge to visible scratches muscles and tendons of the body ogoh-ogoh.

After pasting the paper / sponge finish, color-ogoh ogoh with paint. Give the necessary ornaments as a sweetener ogoh-ogoh.

After all entities formed ogoh-ogoh, ogoh-ogoh placed on a bamboo pole. And ogoh-ogoh prepared paraded around the village.