Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tanah Lot Temple ceremony

Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali, Indonesia. Here there are two temples are situated on a large rock. One is located in the upper crust and the other is located on the cliffs similar to Pura Uluwatu. Tanah Lot temple is part of Dang Kahyan-gan. Tanah Lot sea temple is a shrine guardian gods of the sea.

This temple temple ceremony is celebrated every 210 days, the same as pretending to be another. Close to the celebration of Galungan and Brass is precisely in Bu-da Cemeng Langkir. At that time, those who pray will pray at the temple is crowded.

The pemedek pursue a road with a rope when temple ceremony in Tanah Lot, Tabanan Bali, yesterday (15/02/2012). That was done on the way and when leaving the temple, because of high tides to the size of a human thigh. Tanah Lot temple ceremony begins here tomorrow and culminating on Friday.