Monday, February 13, 2012

Subak developed into a tourist agrobis

Organization's traditional irrigation in agriculture is called Subak. Subak is a community organization which specifically regulate rice irrigation systems used in rice cultivation in Bali, Indonesia. Subak is usually has a temple called Pura Uluncarik, or Pura Bedugul, specially built by farmers and dedicated to the goddess of prosperity and fertility goddess Sri. Irrigation system is governed by an indigenous leader who also was a farmer in Bali.

Subak in Bali should be developed as part of agribusiness. Bali has a great potential in the field of agribusiness and agro-tourism development. The development is expected to be one of the tourist attraction tourists to the island despite repeated, besides the beauty of natural scenery and unique cultural arts.

Agribusiness and agro tourism with various kinds of local plants can be packed in such a way leading to a tour package to increase the attractiveness of Bali. The development potential of the seed while maintaining the continuity and sustainability of subak.

It is important to remember subak has local knowledge, which is part of Balinese art and culture.

Even the number of registered foreign experts had conducted research on local wisdom contained in the subak in Bali.

Other foreign researchers Grader, Geertz and Lansing, as well as national and local researchers Bali.

These three foreign researchers has revealed and reported on the development of subak with a variety of local wisdom.

The entire local knowledge covered in the subak organization made ​​up of religious wisdom, cultural, ecological, institutional, economic, law, the technological and security.

Local knowledge is based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana is harmonious and harmonious relations among human beings, the environment and God.