Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Jegog is a musical instrument made from a large bamboo tree is formed in such a way that can produce melodious sounds and captivating rhythms. Jegog a typical art Jembrana. Art made ​​of bamboo music was created in 1912 by an artist of Kiyang Geliduh hamlet village Sebual Dangintukadaya. The word "Jegog" taken from the name of an instrument Kebyar Gong.

Now this art is also growing jegog to foreign countries and routinely performed in foreign countries like Japan, etc.. Jegog art is full of varied tones and captivating dance, make jegog into its own characteristics.

And more interesting than the show at the time of the play combined jegog between different groups jegog artists. Each group clashing ability to play their own music. Dancers accompanied by a mutual show of skill.