Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Canang Sari"

Canang sari is the simplest form of offerings, but is categorized as an adequate means to perform prayers. Canang sari itself meaningful: the offerings in the form of flowers (flower majority of its components). Form canang sari diverse. However, the form canang sari is a popular canang sari square.

Components canang sari is, janur as a base, porosan (a form that contains a small dry coconut lime, bananas, sugarcane, boreh miik (fragrant powder), kekiping (a type of sticky rice cakes are small and thin), in a wide range of flowers placed upon it.

Canang sari to follow the rules set forth in the scriptures. Canang sari is taken from the Vedas, but the contents of the Vedas which are then translated into the papyrus, written by their ancestors in Bali.
Canang sari common as the daily offerings. While the day-religious holidays, cymbals juice only be used as a complement. On those days, the Balinese use many kinds of offerings in a higher level, the creation and content rules are much more complicated than canang sari.
Canang sari is easily available in the traditional markets in Bali.

Canang sari very beautiful and lovely. Moreover, added incense on it and dicipratkan holy water, there is an aura of coolness that is emitted from the canang sari