Monday, February 6, 2012

Buleleng Regency

Buleleng regency is a district in the province of Bali, Indonesia. Singaraja is the capital city. Buleleng bordering the Java Sea in the north, west Jembrana, Karangasem district on the east and the District Bangli, Tabanan and Badung in the south.

Segment length Buleleng coast about 144 km, 19 km it passes Tejakula district. Apart from being the largest agricultural producer in Bali (Bali is famous for the production of bark and tangerine Tejakula), Buleleng district also has a fair amount of tourism objects such as Lovina beach, temples Pulaki, Air Sanih and of course the city of Singaraja own.

Buleleng divided into 9 districts and 148 villages / wards. Sub-subdistrict are:
1. Gerokgak
2. Seririt
3. Busung Biu
4. Banjar
5. Buleleng
6. Sukasada
7. Sawan
8. Kubutambahan
9. Tejakula