Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Balinese New Year - Nyepi Day

Nyepi is a Hindu holiday that is celebrated each new year of Saka. This day falls on a matter Tilem Kesanga (IX) (Balinese calendar) which is believed to be on the purification of the gods at the center of the ocean that brings the essence of water of life. To the Hindus to worship at sacred to them.

Balinese Hindus are ready to welcome Nyepi holiday which falls on March 23, 2012. The island of Bali as a major tourist destination in Indonesia will stop all activities for a full day during the celebration of Nyepi. Nevertheless, tourism remains the pulse beat. Even some hotels offer a package of Nyepi.

Too many foreign tourists who deliberately come to Bali to experience the Nyepi day and how the rest of the island during the day. If you are interested to travel to Bali to see the celebration of Nyepi, make sure you arrive a few days before the feast.

Nyepi celebrations there are several stages, namely: Melasti, Tawur, Nyepi, Ngembak Geni.

Melasti is an activity carried out 2 days before Nyepi. Melasti means which sweep all the filth in your life and take Tirta Amertha (water of life) from the sea. This activity is usually done by bringing pratima or pralingga of each temple to the sea or lake lacks gamelan and other ceremonies.

This ceremony is a ceremony performed Butha Yadnya day before Nyepi, or the right to Tilem Kesanga. The ceremony is usually done in the morning or afternoon or evening. The ceremony is preceded by tawur or mecaru in places such as intersections, T-junction which aims to raise the degree of the devil be a god.

This is the culmination of the implementation of the holiday and perhaps the most difficult to implement because there are some restrictions that must be followed. Nyepi celebration was held for one day (24 hours). As for some of the restrictions or things that should not be made ​​known to the Catur Brata Penyepian namely:

- Amati Geni: No fire (light)
- Amati Karya: Not doing the work
Amati Lelungan: Not traveling
Amati lelanguan: No dissipate / vent not indrya

Ngembak Geni
Geni Ngembak held the day after Nyepi. This day is used to implement both Dharma Santhi family or community environment. Today it is also used to visit each other relative to each other Greetings. Saka New Year starts with a clean heart both physically and mentally as well as the environment..

You can take the Nyepi packages are typically offered hotel. When you used to do meditation or yoga, it was the right moment you use for reflection. Choose accommodation in areas that tourists are not too crowded.