Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abrasion on the southern coast of Bali

Climate change is happening now is very great impact on the balance of nature on this earth. Especially the melting of ice at the poles of the earth which affects the high sea.

In southern Bali, especially the south coast, the impacts of climate change are felt great. Higher sea water flooded the shoreline.

First area of the beach in Jembrana has a long reach 200m, but now because of the higher sea mengakibatnya many regions of southern Bali has no extensive beaches.

Because of the high sea, the sea water flow was even greater on the coast. So many beaches are losing sand because it eroded the tide.

Many fishermen lost their boats resting place on the beach. Not a few fishermen who have to leave their homes are located on the beach looking for a safer place to live.

For that we should keep this earth we live on.