Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The impact of the hospitality business in Bali

Travel and Tourism Association of Indonesia (Asita) assess the competitive hotel business and tourism accommodation services in Bali increasingly unhealthy. Some hotels in the city of Denpasar and Kuta area is known to apply room rates Rp 200,000 per night.

Practices slam that price because the owner of the hotel do not have a business orientation in the field of hospitality in the long run. They are just playing it and mostly from other areas, such as Jakarta. They did not intend the business of hospitality, but the damage climate competition.

The owners of the hotel as it was mostly speculators who seek profit through buying and selling property in Bali. Trends in buying and selling property is a kind of latterincreasingly widespread in Bali. They originally bought vacant land and built city hotel. After that, they sell it to another party. Like it a lot on Sunset Road (Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta).

Therefore, the service business of tourism accommodation in Bali is not much of an impact on improving the welfare of local communities. Communities to sell their land, then purchased by another person in a certain tempoagain sold to another party.

No evidence of a positive impact of tourism on Balinese society. There are still manypoor households. 2500000 Bali can bring foreign tourists and four million domestic tourists by the number of tourist accommodation that reached 400 000, but there are still600 000 poor households. It happened because of the rapid development in Bali is not matched by increased social welfare.