Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cafe in Bali

Cafe Lotus
Jl. Raya Ubud Kedewatan Ubud Gianyar Bali
(0361) 971715

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Santi Cafe
Jalan Pantai Kedonganan, Kuta
(0361) 705977

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Cafe Moka
Jalan Raya Basangkasa, Kuta
(0361) 731424

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ubung bus station

 Jl Hos Cokro Aminoto 49 Ubung Denpasar Barat 80116 Bali, Tlp 0361-427172
(0361) 427172 ‎ 

Denpasar 80116. Ubung name to people in Bali, you'll be shown where the bus station and transport between cities in the province or between provinces.

This is the largest terminal in Bali and become the lifeblood of economic development of the Balinese. For here you are benighted, in around the terminal as Pidada Street, just behind the terminal, a large selection of places to stay for a great price and also safe. Besides a place to eat cheap easy to find.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hotel in Bali: Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Singaraja - Bali

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Singaraja - Bali
Jln. Raya Seririt Gilimanuk, Pemuteran Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

Hotel Description
Hotel in Bali. A host of facilities await the guest to Matahari Beach Resort and Spa. Standing out amongst them include golfing, a spa center tennis courts and water sports.Multi lingual and well trained staff can arrange travel and trekking exertions while many guests speak of the cuisine as some of the best in Bali. The philosophy of the hotel is to promote soft tourism. The architecture blends with nature and reflects a variety of local customs and traditions. Sightseeing trips to places of cultural interest are arranged as are classes in Bali craft and cuisione.The hotel is especially proud of its wine cellar and what better way to finish the day than sampling a fine red while watching the sun sink into the ocean. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pendet, the Balinese dance

Pendet dance from Bali
Pendet is a dance performed exclusively for religious ritual purposes. Pendet created by I Wayan Rindi (1967), maestro of Balinese dance known as the composer Pendet sacred. But there are some sources say, that this dance was created by I Nyoman Kaler in 1970. This dance tells the gods falling to earth. Although this dance for religious ritual, but this dance is more often performed in religious activities outside the event.

There are many types of growing Pendet today. One of the most often performed is Panyembrahma Dance. Pendet dance is the most frequently staged Panyembrama Dance.

Ironic, is currently Pendet not favored by the Balinese girl. They do not want to learn to dance, because the movements of Balinese dance is very difficult. However, Balinese dances are very popular with people from various countries. Especially the Japanese, they are very fond of Balinese dances. Many Japanese people come to Bali to study Balinese dance. Not only the Japanese, Europeans and Americans loved the Balinese dances. But the Balinese are very few who want to become dancers Bali.

Some time ago, there was an effort of cultural deprivation, Pendet, by country of Malaysia. Malaysia acts, which claims Pendet, as part of its culture, Wayan Rindi family is very regrettable. In his lifetime, Wayan Rindi not think to register the findings, so as not to imitate other countries. In addition there is no institution of copyright, Balinese dance has not been patented, because it contains a vast spiritual values​​, and can not be monopolized as a human creation, or a particular nation.

Let us together keep this Balinese culture. No matter where we came from. Because, Balinese culture is the culture for all of us. Are global and universal.

Pendet dance from Bali
Pendet dances