Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Bedugul is the cool and beautiful in the way Singaraja - Denpasar. Those who are traveling either by car rental and private vehicles usually do not miss the central tourist area on the edge of Lake Beratan and Cadi Kuneng market. Go to Bedugul, you have to go through Denpasar-Singaraja road. If you start the journey from Denpasar, the travel time to arrive at Bedugul about an hour. If congestion does not occur. Congestion usually occurs during holidays. If the traffic when you go to Bedugul, you can travel up to three to six hours.

If anyone can turn a little time to enjoy the various tourist park flora from orchids to the large trees are now rare and Damulir Majegau. The most favored places there is Bedugul Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Bedugul). There is a forest area attractions, it was cool, tall trees and large, angrek garden, cactus garden. Jikan you get there, it would be fun to be with family. Dinasa you and your family can play ball, took a picture together, the roads leading to the lake, saw a beautiful lake, eating together under a tree.

There are three large lakes in Bedugul. Lie very close. You can see the three lakes, while enjoying the beautiful scenery in Bedugul. Lake Beratan mesmerizing charm since centuries ago with the clear water. Want to relieve stress, may be fishing for the fish a lot. Lake Beratan disanding by his brothers, Bulian Lake and Lake Tumblingan are no less beautiful to Lake Beratan. While at the lake, you can fish in the lake, but you need to bring fishing equipment.

Before you go home, try to visit the market of fresh fruits and vegetables that are there. Vegetables and fruits are sold there is the result of local agriculture. Fresh fruit and vegetables, with very cheap price. Fruits are most in demand by tourists is strauberi. Bedugul market also sells a variety of ornamental plants.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is located in Jembrana, an area of rugged natural beauty. Renowned for its superb surfing on high, long rolling waves. Spectacular sunsets add romance to the tropical evenings. Medewi beach located 72 kilometers from Denpasar (about 2 hours drive), or about 34 kilometers west of Tabanan City, located in the Medewi village, Pekutatan, Jembrana regency, Bali. The beach is a bit remote location, near Ketket forestry that numerous in western Bali long time ago. Then in 1912, the forest near the beach was opened by the citizens so the access to the beach becomes easier.

Medewi very nice beach waves are used for surfing. Many tourists come to surf there. The beach on the cover of small rocks and true. Very few parts of the sandy beach. Because the river which empties into the sea Medewi, brought a lot of rocks from the mountain. Thus, each of floods in the river, lots of rocks washed into the sea, and then washed ashore Medewi. So, do not fit a walk on this beach. Certainly would not feel comfortable. But here is suitable for surfing, because the waves are very good.

Prior to the beach Medewi, from Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, on the edge of the highway. Is the settlement, residents there largely Moslem. Accommodations in the region is less adequate. You might be a little sad to see the conditions there. However, once you enter the path to the beach, you will see the farm population. Medewi beach hotel to stay there. I do not recommend you to come to the beach Medewi if not the purpose of surfing. Since there is only suitable for surfing tour.

Please note, during the rainy season Medewi beach is very dirty. Due to flooding in the river that carries waste leaves and twigs from the mountains, carried away by the sea water, then washed to shore. Seawater would be very murky, brown, so it is not suitable for bathing and surfing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Barong dance

Barong dance is one of Balinese dance is a cultural heritage in addition to pre Hindu dance is a dance Barong Sangyang. The word comes from the word bahruang barong which means the animal bear, an animal is a mythology that has magic powers, considered the protector of animals.

In the development, then barong in Bali is not only manifested in the four-legged animals but there is also a two-legged, as for other types of Barong in Bali, namely:
a. Barong ket
b. Barong Bangkal
c. Barong Asu 
d. Barong Gajah
e. Barong Macan 
f. Barong Landung
g. Barong Blasblasan