Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The bad side of Bali today

Bali has an image of the island as a paradise, with an abundance of beauty. However, besides the beauty of it, Bali also has a bad side that is getting trashed. The bad side is not known by the people of Bali, but a very big stain for the island of Bali.

Bali's tourism industry was made famous. The number of foreign tourists visiting Bali, spend holidays, and shopping with a dollar that has a very high resale value, making the Balinese people are tempted by all of it. Bali as the island is famous, will never be separated from two different sides. Good and bad, black and white, sweet and bitter. Both sides of this increasingly visible along with the development of the tourism industry, and population growth. Foreign tourist arrivals are also adding to the problem for the island.

When viewed from either side, Bali island grow into a very advanced, the economy is getting better, the purchasing power of the Balinese people is increasing. More equitable development in every corner of the island. As well as various means of transport and growing industry, so indulgent Balinese people.

However, if viewed from a negative perspective, is now the island of Bali to the island of hell. Because right now in Bali there are many cafes that provide commercial sex workers as a sweetener. Currently Bali gets new title, namely the island of a thousand cafes. Although the number of cafes not reach a thousand, an ironic, Bali is small there are many cafes everywhere, with a prostitute who can be hired as a maid for a moment of pleasure.

The bad side of Bali today referred to as the center of drug trafficking in Indonesia. It is a fact, and an irrefutable fact. Tourists who come to Bali is not only aiming for a vacation, but also the drug business. Evident from the many cases of arrests of foreigners who bring drugs into Bali.

Prostitution is also a very real downside seen in Bali. There's even a presumption that Bali as a sex tourist destination. In addition to enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the beach, beautiful sunsets, not too few tourists who deliberately seek prostitute to accompany their daily life in Bali. This is evident from the number of searches on the internet, the sex worker services for tourists. Can be known from this blog. Almost all of the most popular content and most frequently seen is associated with prostitution.

Many bad side owned by Bali is not known by the citizens. Because most of the Balinese people have been tempted by the income from tourism businesses they earn. Even the bad side of it a natural for a fraction Balinese people who really understand the impact of economic growth and economic development for tourism. But it can certainly be destructive to the life of the Balinese people are known to keep the tradition and culture very well.

Even so ironic, well preserved culture inherited by the ancestors, now backfired badly from tradition that continues to be maintained until now. This is a bad tradition of the caste system that is still valid today. The caste system affect the brush selfish citizens who continue to grow until now. Although in some areas in Bali has left the caste system, but in some areas, including Tabanan and Gianyar still maintaining the caste system. This has an impact on the attitude that always glorify yourself.

Now comes a variety of social issues that led to conflict in Bali. These problems often lead to violence between social groups are mutually bertakai. The most ironic is that many social conflicts in Bali relates to beliefs and culture. It will certainly have a negative impact to the lives of the people of Bali, as well as continuity of cultural unity is increasingly eroded by materialism.

The bad side of Bali most people do not know is the burden of living traditions that are not offset by the improvement in the economy of several residents of Bali. Many Hindu religious ceremonies in Bali which requires a very large cost. This would impact on the load on the financial condition of a person who live it. Bali residents know before payment system with money, traditions and rituals performed together, help each other. But now, almost all the needs of ritual in Bali must be purchased with. Therefore, many people are still poor Balinese feel burdened with rituals that require large expenses.

Rapid flow of migrants, making citizens of Bali to compete with the newcomers. Bali facing the globalization and capitalism are increasingly powerful. The high price of land, so that the Balinese tend to be tempted to sell their ancestral land. If this continues to happen then Bali tribes could become extinct like kono tribes in the world, eroded by the challenges of modern society.

With the issue more complicated, Bali has now turned into Hell or the term, " Hell in Paradise Island ". Better Bali travelers left, of the commercialized Bali, Pura commercialized, women are willing to be a servant, a man willing to be a slave in the village itself, all for the sake of money. So harmonious life in Bali to be disturbed.

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