Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Number of (Jalak) Bali Starling in Central Java is much more than in Bali

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird

(Jalak) Bali Starling population in Central Java reached 1500. This number exceeds the total population in its natural habitat in Bali, only amounted to 200 individuals. Because of the ease of licensing to be one major factor is the development of bird species in Central Java. The local government provides ease of licensing captivity. So that the population in Central Java Bali starling more, although only in captivity.

Breeders and breeding of (Jalak) Bali Starling in Central Java  felt calm, because the birds that they tangkarkan and develop official or legal status of the government, because of the ease in the permitting process captivity. So (Jalak) Bali Starling can develop faster and breeding can be done en masse. This will have a positive impact on the population of the endangered (Jalak) Bali Starling.

Of the 111 protected bird breeding unit which is already registered in Central Java, a breeding unit 88 Bali Starling. Solo Raya region has the highest number of captive (Jalak) Bali Starling, especially in the district of Klaten. While Solo only one breeding Bali Starling.

Bali starling population increases in Central Java because of the ease of licensing and breeding. People are also interested in this bird species due to higher selling prices. Residents in Central Java, hoping for breeding and nurturing permission Bali Starling, which can reduce the illegal trade of the Bali Starling.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

9 Balinese dance is proposed as a World Cultural Heritage, UNESCO

Nine Balinese dance is a dance that was created, danced by the Balinese people to be proposed as a World Cultural Heritage. Three dancers from Bali will bring nine dances typical of the area in the UNESCO meeting in Namibia, Africa, which will take place at 1-2 December 2015. Three dancers that later will bring nine dance performance that had previously been proposed. They will be accompanied by Prof. I Wayan Dibia, professor of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar.

Nine Balinese dances are proposed for establishment as a World Cultural Heritage (WBD) is the Tari Barong Ket, Tari Joged, Tari Legong Kraton, Drama Tari Wayang Wong, Drama Tari Gambuh, Topeng Sidakarya, Baris Upacara , Tari Sanghyang dan Tari Rejang. The Balinese are very hopeful nine dances that can be set as WBD so it will not easily be claimed by another party. Because it has a lot of art and culture of Indonesian people who dklaim as have other countries. And it is very detrimental and hurt the feelings of people of Indonesia.

If they already have a nine dance determination of the United Nations in charge of education, science and culture (UNESCO), it is incumbent on all parties, particularly the Balinese to keep it. So that the art and culture of the Balinese people stay awake and sustainable, can be continuously enjoyed by everyone, not extinct, and remains the pride of Bali, as heir to the art and culture that has been created by the ancestors.

If nine Balinese dance that has been recognized by UNESCO, the culture will survive, if not acted in any culture would die. Because Indonesia is a lot of art and culture is dead and extinct, because there is no concern and a sense of pride in one's own culture. Most of culture and art in Indonesia has lenyak by penyaruh foreign culture actually does not fit, do not characterize an Indonesian.

Earlier, on October 20, 2015, nine Balinese dance has also been set to get a certificate of Cultural Heritage Objects Indonesia submitted by the Minister of Basic Education, Secondary and Culture Anies Baswedan. Bali then get a certificate of Cultural Heritage Objects of Indonesia to 12 cultural work, nine of them dance and three other cultural works is in the form of Kain Gringsing Tenganan, Seni Lukis Kamasan, dan Tenun Endek Bali.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bomb blast 2015 in Paris, whether tourists will switch to Bali?

If Bali is safe from terrorist bombings, after the terrorist attacks in France?. 2015 bombings in France have an impact on people's fears to visit the country. Tensions are still happening today. France still grieving for the incident to result in hundreds of people dead. Travelers who are planning a vacation to France will cancel keinginnannya. Of course with good reason, better stay at home than to visit a country filled with deadly terror.

2002 Bali bombing have an impact on tourist arrivals continue to decline. Obviously France would feel the same way. Travelers are beginning to be a holiday to France would cancel his desire, or perhaps would divert to other kengara. Countries that are considered safer for the moment, although with a feeling forced.
The businessmen accommodation and restaurants in Bali have great expectations of kejidian that occurred in France. Travelers who canceled his visit to France is expected to divert their holidays Bali.Jika to divert tourist visit to Bali, then chances Bali will receive a lot of foreign tourists. Tourists visiting Bali as their holiday destination diversion of the feeling forced. Because of their intent in wanting to France, but for fear of their safety, so they switched to Bali.

Post-terror Paris, France, the Indonesian government tightened security in areas vital to anticipate the entry of terrorist networks or other criminals. Including Bali, security and entrance examinations in Bali was tightened to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

Security and inspection entrance Bali like in Gilimanuk, involves a number of personnel from the ranks of the police and army. Examination conducted on persons, vehicles and goods. In addition, checks are also carried out in each sector of the police who carry out the operation on the highway.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A bomb blast 2015 in France, the situation in Bali is also tense

Bombings in France in 2015, the impact on the state of tourism in Bali. Bali police provide extra security to the entrance to the island of Bali. Bali tightened security after the terrorist attacks of ISIS in Paris, France. Since Friday, November 13, 2015, all of the entrance to Bali, over the air at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, as well as other land or air port, enhanced security and heavily guarded by the police.

Bali also has experienced the tragedy of bombing, as yan occurred in France in 2015. The motive committed by terrorists when the Bali bombing is sara dislike and hatred against those who came from western countries, particularly the USA. Motif committed against France was stopped by the same, which is unhappy with the involvement of the country to war in Syria. But the terrorists set the wrong target, so that civilians who do not know anything become victims of terrorist attacks, such as in Bali in 2002 and 2005, also in France in 2015.

Bombings in France in 2015 to make the Bali police to be on full alert, because in Bali there are a lot of people from Europe who are on vacation. Bali also many tourists from France. Police increased vigilance and security in a number of entrances. Among these, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, Port Gilimabuk in Jembrana, and Port Benoa in South of Denpasar.

Meanwhile, Bali Police also increase oversight of a number of vital objects in a tourist destination in Bali. Police also tightened in representative offices of foreign countries in Bali. Because Bali is an international tourist destination. As well as many tourist places visited by foreign tourists, particularly Europeans and France. Police have mapped the areas to be priorities Bali Police protection, especially ports, airports, and bus terminals.

Consulate General of friendly countries and the tourist area of ​​security is a priority. Including who gets security is the Consulate General of France, located in Jalan Umalas Kerobokan Village, District Kuta North. French Consulate gets tight security and enhanced after the terror attacks in 2015 in Paris, France. Some vital objects in the area of ​​Kuta Utara also received attention more security than the previous days.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bombings in France in 2015, Bali was also affected

Bombings in France (2015)
The impact of terrorist attacks in France in 2015, will affect economic conditions in Bali. For residents of the Balinese are very dependent on the tourism sector in meeting the needs of life and the economy. The bomb that took place in Paris in November 2015, will reduce the number of tourist arrivals from France to the island of Bali. It is estimated that, tourists from France will lose as many as 27 000 people in 2016 and 2017. Because of the tragedy in 2015 will make people traumatized and afraid to go out of the house.

Bali also has experienced the tragedy of bombing by terrorists, similar to what happened in France in the 2015's. Bali bombing that happened in 2002 and 2005 resulted in Bali's economy being crushed and sunk in a very long time. Many people lost their jobs, many businesses in the hospitality and restaurant business tourism center to be shut down. Tragedy is a crime against humanity bombing global destructive mental and psychic people affected.

Bali bombing 2002
Attacks carried out by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) certainly cause tremendous fear, including the Europeans to travel to the tourist areas, especially to Bali because Bali has also received bomb threats, and left hundreds of people dead in an instant. Europeans certainly would be deterred for a vacation to Bali.

In addition to the 2015 bombing in France that makes Europeans into trauma, as well as some Indonesian people involved in the movement of ISIS. Information Indonesian involvement in the movement of ISI will make Indonesia into a country with a low level of confidence to the security of bomb terror attacks, especially Bali, as the island is a vacation spot foreigners from various countries, and many tourists from Europe who vacation in Bali.

France ranked seventh as tourists who come to Bali. Data from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, tourists visit France to October 2015 was 115 288 people. Increase from October of last year some 113 982 people.

Predicted, a result of the bombing in 2015 in France, Bali will lose about 20 616 tourists in 2016 and in 2017 will lose about 6586 tourists from the total number of tourists this year. European tourists a stay in Bali could spend $ 1,600.

If calculated on the economy, then the loss of Bali in 2016, which caused the loss of 20 616 tourists from France, amounting to US $ 33510900. The prediction of a decrease in the number of French tourists to this analogy of a pattern of decline in European tourists in general. European tourists pattern usually takes over two years to the process of recovery time. This is similar to the impact of the terror that occurred in London, England, in 2005 to the number of European tourists to Bali. Not only the French tourists who will experience a decrease of the number of visits to Bali, as well as European tourists.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

(Bir) Bintang Beer, the most popular drinks in Bali.

(Bir) Bintang Beer in Bali

Bintang beer in botle
Bintang beer can be obtained at Kuta Beach, Sanut, Legian, Seminyak, anywhere in Bali.

(Bir) Bintang Beer, local beer is very popular in Bali and most widely circulated. Bintang beer is very easy to get, cheap and tasty. Anyone visiting Bali people must know about this beer.

Bintang beer is a brand of beer which existed since long. Bintaaaang means star, in Indonesian, shows a picture on the packaging. Star logo displayed on the packaging very clearly visible.

Bintang beer is very easy to come by in Bali. Large stores to small stalls. In the restaurant up to the edge of the street vendors at Kuta Beach. It's easy to come by and the price is very cheap. Along Kuta Beach, this beer traders very much. Surfboard rental guards usually they also sell Bir Bintang. Bintang beer is sold in glass bottles.

Indeed, Bintang beer brand owned by companies from the Netherlands. This beer is made in Indonesia but with the license of the company from the Netherlands.

Lately, the Indonesian government banned the sale of beer in public places, at the supermarket, and stalls. The ban was causing controversy in public, because it would eliminate the jobs of traders beer in Bali. Bali as a tourist destination, and beer is a drink that is most sought after by foreign tourists, can reduce the income of the seller of beer in tourist spots.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) is a rare bird that is beginning to live only in Bali. Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) also become endemic on the island of Bali, and the mascot for Bali.

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) was first found by Baron Stresseman in March 1911. Baron Stressman is a bird expert from England. He accidentally discovered the Bali Starling in the area of Singaraja, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Mr. Baron find these birds in the village of Bubunan, since that time, bird of Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) are categorized as endangered endemic bird species and different from the other types. This bird is very rare, and the government has to protect this bird with the legislation that its existence does not become extinct or disappeared.

In 1925, Dr. Baron Victor von Plessen began to conduct intensive observations. Observation is done to determine the spread Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling). From the observation will be undertaken, it is known that the spread of bird populations exist only in West Bali region, namely in the village of Bumbungan in Buleleng to Gilimanuk. It is known that the area of West Bali is extensive and dense forests with large trees. But this time the forest in the West Bali has been damaged by illegal logging by local residents. Now the forest area in West Bali became a national park, the West Bali National Park (Taman Nasiona Bali Barat / TNBB).

Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird
Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird
Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird
Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling): Leucopsar rothschildi, now increasingly rare endemic bird

West Bali National Park (TNBB) located at the western end of the island of Bali. This park has a lot of natural wealth of natural beauty and the sea is the main attraction of tourists. National park area is largely protected forests, and habitat of rare bird life named Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling). However, not all forest in the national park has become a Bali starling bird life.

In West Bali National Park (TNBB), there are about 160 species of birds that live in the wild. But only Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling), which is always a concern for everyone who visit this national park. There are breeding Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling). Captive breeding is done to keep this bird is not extinct and can be bred well and quickly. Because Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) outside the breeding numbers continuously reduced and increasingly difficult to find.

In 1970, Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling) were categorized as critically endangered. Since then, the sale value of the Bali starling bird soaring in the market, are very expensive. Since that time the Bali Starling increasingly being found on the black market trade of birds. Due to the very high sale value and categorized as rare birds.

Although the West Bali National Park is a native habitats and the only one for Curik (Jalak) Bali (Starling), but this time the Bali Starling can be found outside of Bali, also in different countries. This bird can be found in zoos. Even breeders in Bali Bali Starling sires should bring from Japan, because it is considered better.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Serious problems experienced by Bali and citizens today

Bali island has become very congested with people. A population of more, then the problem will be more and more. Not only in terms of quantity, but also other related issues. Bali is now a lot has changed, even change very quickly. Bali is now very different from the past. Bali is now more sad and terrible. Bali island past is a very peaceful, quiet, comfortable place to live.

Bali currently has a lot of very serious problems. Not only for the islands and lands that are part of this nature, also for the people who live and lived on the island of Bali. The problem in a sustainable manner without any serious response. Environmental issues, health, social, cultural, political and severely damaging the harmony of life of people in Bali.

The problems are most noticeable and worrying for the island and the people who live on this island. Narcotics, the spread of HIV / AIDS, rabies virus epidemics, environmental pollution, uncontrolled population, and the destruction of nature.

1. Narcotics Trafficking in Bali.

Bali is an island tourist destinations by people of every kind of state. Various nightclubs have been built. Discotheques, night clubs, cafes, and other entertainment venues. Places it into a gathering place and fun for people who want entertainment and forget about everyday problems when he traveled in Bali.

However nightclubs has become a dangerous area for the younger generation of the Balinese. Because the nightlife scene is now being circulated and traded various kinds of drugs. Narcotics trafficking in nightclubs and also in crowded places in Bali is no longer a secret. Narcotics can be very easy in Bali.

Narcotics in Bali not only sold by dealers in secret and closed. Ironically, the drug is also sold by motorcycle taxi drivers, taxi drivers, sellers of cigarettes on the roadside. As narcotics are ordinary objects that can be obtained easily without legal restrictions.

Conditions that make Bali as the best-selling drug trafficking and trafficking. Bali became the main destination island in Indonesia drug trade. Many cases have been uncovered by the police. There are also many drug dealers who had been imprisoned and sentenced to death. However, Bali still remains the island with drug trafficking cases and the largest circulation. Impact, many young people who have been addicted to narcotics Bali. There are many young people of Bali who died using drugs.

2. Transmission of HIV / AIDS in Bali

Bali as a tourist destination island, making it a great opportunity for anyone to get a job and money. The island of Bali is the place to visit different kinds of people with different needs. So many people who come from outside Bali for any work to earn money, without skills, without capital, without trying.

One of the most promising job but very dirty is as prostitutes. Many women from outside Bali came and worked as a prostitute in Bali. The reason, they want to get dollars from foreign tourists. They sell their bodies to foreigners in the hope of getting money. Similarly even what the local women and girls who become prostitutes because tempted to earn money in an easy way.

But prostitution has a very big risk. Transmission of HIV / AIDS is one of the most deadly risk if work as a prostitute. Beginning of HIV / AIDS cases found in Bali is a traveler from the Netherlands in 1980s. Since then Bali is the island that is very vulnerable to the spread of HIV / AIDS.

Ironically, the services of prostitutes is not only enjoyed by foreign tourists, as well as by local people. Local people who contracted HIV from prostitutes, will transmit it to others, transmit to their wives or lovers. Persistent until now there are many new cases of people infected with HIV. It is sad and worrying for the future generations of Bali.

3. The epidemic of rabies virus in Bali

Rabies in Bali has become an epidemic that is very large and spread out in all regions of Bali. All districts in Bali has been a regional spread of rabies virus. Rabies in Bali taken by the dog. Because the Balinese are very familiar and a culture with having a dog.

Dogs in Bali has been since time immemorial become pets. Every cheap in Bali have a dog as a guard house. Even in any ceremonies in Bali, the dog has also become one of the offerings.

Rabies in Bali is transmitted between dogs. Mostly transmitted by stray dogs. Stray dogs transmit to dogs, so the faster spread.

Cases of human deaths from rabies in Bali is very much. Year 2008 is the highest peak of the epidemic of rabies in Bali, hundreds of cases of deaths from rabies have occurred in Bali. Various handling and action has been done by the government, but the human deaths from dog bites in Bali were infected with the rabies virus is constantly happening today.

4. Pollution of the environment in Bali

Bali has now become slums and densely populated island. The more people, the more waste is generated. Ironically, garbage and waste in Bali is not handled properly. A lot of garbage and sewage discharged into the river. It seems clear that the rivers in Bali filled with garbage. Also the color black as the waste water discharged into the river.

5. The destruction of nature in Bali

Nature in Bali has been damaged. Forests, rivers, seas, and productive rice fields have been damaged. Environmental damage caused by the act of the people living near the damaged natural. Residents of Bali is increasingly greedy. Forest converted into agricultural land. Illegal logging, timber theft in the forest, indiscriminate waste disposal, illegal mines.

Degraded forest in Bali caused by illegal logging affects an increasingly receding river. The rivers in Bali is increasingly worrisome. Water discharge continues to decrease each year. During the dry season the river becomes dry. Drinking water is increasingly difficult to obtain.

Not only the destruction of forests in mountain areas, as well as forests in coastal areas in Bali. The mangrove forests are now much damaged. Mangrove forest area is converted into a hospitality and tourism areas. The mangrove coastal protection from abrasion threat now many have been damaged. Mangrove changed menjad artificial tourist area and damage the coast.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marc, male from Switzerland, was arrested in Bali for carrying marijuana

Customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle marijuana in the International Arrivals Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. Cannabis is carried by a person stateless Switzerland. People are male, named Marc Andre Wenger Neuchatel (51). He arrived in Bali with Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur, the morning around 01.00 am.

Marc Andre Wenger Neuchatel is a restaurant owner in the country. He came to Bali from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, bringing as much as 3.2 grams of marijuana.

Arrest stems from the suspicion of Customs and Excise officers against Marc gestures. When luggage belonging to Marc checked using X-Ray, officers did not find any suspicious object.

Examination continues. Officers checking Marc's body, and then that was found wrapped in a plastic clip that tissue. Contained in the plastic piece that turns brown crop is marijuana weighing 3.2 grams.

The above actions, the suspect allegedly violated Undangentang narcotics with a maximum penalty of capital punishment, life imprisonment or a minimum term of imprisonment of five (5) years and a maximum of 20 years and fined.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The water in Lake Batur has been contaminated by toxins

Lake Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali

Lake Batur in Caldera on Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali
Lake Batur in Caldera on Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali

Lake Batur is now causing a lot of problems and environmental issues. Silting, pollution, garbage piles, and the quality of the water unfit for drinking.

Lake Batur in Caldera on Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali
Lake Batur is located in Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Located in the caldera of Mount Batur, which is known as a caldera that is very broad and one of the largest in the world. Lake Batur is also the largest lake in Bali, and become a supplier of water for several areas around Mount Batur.

Regions in Lake Batur is the residence and settlement of citizens of the Balinese. Since the beginning, the lake area became inhabited by the Balinese. One of the village with the most primitive population in Bali and live around the lake is the village of Terunyan.

Terunyan village residents rely heavily on Lake Batur. They are very dependent on the lake because they use the lake water for drinking water. They also work as fishermen, and fishing in the lake.

One of the results of laboratory tests in Bangli in last June to the quality of water in Lake Batur, produces a report which is very surprising. That the levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOC) in water taken at Lake Batur is now experiencing very rapid increase from previous years. BOD water from Lake Batur today is 2.5 mg / liter. While the highest levels of BOD to be worthy to drink water is 2 mg / liter. Also for COD content of the water in Lake Batur today is 13.7 mg / liter, from the highest level for drinkable water is 10 mg / liter.

Lake Batur in Caldera on Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali
Water conditions in Lake Batur unfit for drinking, caused by waste from residential areas around the lake. It can be seen that the settlements around the lake is now experiencing a surge in the number of people very rapidly. They dwelt around the lake because the lake water is as a resource to meet the needs of their agricultural land. Most residents are farmers in Kintamani.

Apart from the waste originating from the settlements around the lake, the water pollution in Lake Batur also from agricultural land around the lake. Agricultural use inorganic fertilizer dangerous and harmful chemical drugs to eradicate the pest, also is the cause of water pollution in Lake Batur. Agriculture around the lake by using synthetic chemical fertilizers causes the lake becomes toxic. During the rainy season, all the agricultural land around the lake will be washed contaminated rainwater. Rainwater will take soil and dust contaminated toward the lake. Because the lake is the last of the estuary rainwater. Indirectly, non-organic agricultural activities around the lake will make the lake water polluted by toxic weed killers and synthetic chemical fertilizers.

The activities of people around the lake also became one of the causes of water pollution. Many residents who live around Lake Batur wash their clothes in the lake. Washing residual soap will dissolve into the lake. Activity wash in the lake that is done continuously will speed up the process of environmental destruction.

To that end, the necessary regulatory and decisive action from the government against activities that could damage and pollute the water at Lake Batur. Action against breaches should be done, if not, then the pollution of Lake Batur will continue to occur, so that the water in Lake Batur is not feasible to meet the needs of citizens.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The more shallow, Lake Batur will make drowned settlements

Lake Batur in Kintamani Bangli very poor condition

The more shallow, Lake Batur will make drowned settlements
Lake Batur in Kintamani Bangli
Lake Batur in Kintamani Bangli, is increasingly worrisome condition. Not only the problems of pollution and damage to ecosystems in the lake, but the problem of silting were difficult to overcome, because it is a natural processes and natural cycles. Siltation in Lake Batur, Kinamani, Bangli, occur because of the burden of volcanic ash from Mount Batur are constantly drifting toward the lake. During the rainy season, the ash is around the mountain peaks inside the caldera constantly hanyud towards the lake. The ash comes from the eruption that occurred decades ago. Slowly but continuously occurs, the ashes will settle to the bottom of the lake, and resulted in the silting of the lake.

Lake Batur in Caldera of Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali
Not only is derived from volcanic ash around the lake, silting in Lake Batur, Kintamani Bangli, also caused by a fish farming cages in the lake. Fish farming in cages in the lake directly impact on the process of silting up the lake. Feed the fish in the cages will produce nitrate and waste products from the fish. A waste of fish continuously will accumulate under the cages, so that it becomes a pile of mud that resulted in the silting of the lake.

The results of organic and non-organic garbage into the lake also the greeting of the impact in accelerating the process of silting up of Lake Batur. Scour soil from agricultural land during the rainy season accelerates silting. Shallowing of the lake during the rainy season is very pronounced. Lake water will be felt meluad and flooded residential areas around the lake. Because of the shallow lake, the water will be noticeably higher from year to year.

Until now there has been no sosuli to address the problem of silting in Lake Batur. Because the vast lake and is a natural process, it is very difficult to perform basic dredging a deep lake. Lake Batur is very wide and is one of the lake water supplier for water needs in Bali.

During the dry season, the Lake Batur in Kintamani Bangli will recede, at low tide will be found that plastic waste in the bottom of the lake. During the rainy season, the lake as if it meluat, the water was getting higher every year, whereas the higher lake water caused by increasingly shallow lake. Houses around the lake will be submerged during the rainy season, and will return to normal during the dry season.

The government must begin to take action to save the environment in Bali, especially in the Lake Batur. Taxes on the tourism sector should be set aside for funding in environmental conservation. Tax money from the tourism sector should be set aside for nature in Bali. Because nature in Bali has contributed much to the government. If that is not done then the nature in Bali will be destroyed, and the tourism sector in Bali will be lost and abandoned.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, November 09, 2015

Large gap between tourism businesses in Bali

Large gap between the tourism business in Bali can be seen in terms of capital. People with large capital will run a tourism business on a large scale and can benefit greatly as well. While people with small capital, even without capital, will become part of the group of poor businessman.

Large investors typically establish accommodation facilities, restaurants, discotheques, shopping centers. The big advantage will also be obtained. Giving rise to rich people who can affect many things. This large investors mostly are not Balinese. Most of them are foreigners and people from outside Bali who took the opportunity to benefit greatly from the tourism business in Bali.

Although large investors are foreigners, but the presence of large investors, it will form a larger employment and more. So the opportunity to have this job by the local population became more, with greater opportunities. Therefore Bali is the island with the number of jobs that are very large in Indonesia.

Different thing with the small investors even without capital. They will form their own community in order to survive and enjoy the opportunity to benefit from the tourism business in Bali. The small investors are usually engaged in the services sector. They work as a massager, tattoos, tour guides, selling souvenirs, and even many who berkeja as prostitutes.

Among the many tourism players with small capital, some of which pose a complex problem, and affects the image of tourism in Bali. One is prostitution. Prostitution in Bali is not only done by women, also carried out by men who are often referred to as a gigolo. They are a scourge negative for Bali, but they also want to get the work of the tourism industry in Bali.

High gap between tourism actors also cause major problems for local residents. The major investors are able to do anything to build a new business in Bali. They will take up a lot of land in Bali to build accommodation, restaurants, and villas. Evident in Bali, a lot of land in Bali turned into a means of accommodation and hospitality. Rice fields, forests, beaches, have all been the target of large investors.

The small investor is only capable of being complementary in this industry. They will fight hard to be able to be part of and derive little benefit from the infrastructure built by large investors. Sometimes they are considered garbage and disturbing the activities of large investors.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hotel in Kuta, Four Points by Sheraton Bali

Four Points by Sheraton Bali is a hotel in Kuta, located at Jalan Benesari, Banjar Pangabetan, Kuta, Bali. This hotel is in a very narrow street, the road to the hotel is just quite passable by one car. But in the way that there is a luxury hotel.

Four Points by Sheraton Bali is located in Kuta, Bali. From Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport can be reached in about 15 minutes towards the hotel. Heading into the area of ​​the hotel, the car must pass through the narrow alleys. As they passed the car in the opposite direction, then one of the cars had to yield in order to pass through the alley towards the hotel. The hotel has been providing shuttle services from Ngurah Rai Airport to the hotel and vice versa, free of charge. The hotel's location is quite strategic. Just 10 minutes walk to the beach of Kuta and Legian near the well.

Four Points by Sheraton Bali stands, with masts towering buildings. The most flashy building stands among other buildings. The hotel lobby with a ceiling filled with beautiful lanterns.

Impression of Balinese luxury but still very pronounced. From the lobby located on the second floor, looking lagoon-style pool in the first floor. Shows the bottom of the pool water is blue, as deep as 1.2 meters. In this lagoon there is also a Jacuzzi with a depth of 90 centimeters.

Besides lagoon, the resort features a swimming pool for kids as deep as 60 centimeters, also pool at the roof top. On the roof top, there is a bar and a pool which is pretty cool for swimming, sun bathing. Sun bathing are more satisfied because it is directly exposed to sunlight.

Four Points by Sheraton Bali provides 185 rooms that are divided into several categories. Room deluxe lagoon room access is directly connected to the pool. So no need to bother to walk to the pool, simply open the door of the room, the swimming pool or Jacuzzi can be enjoyed. There are 22 rooms in this category. Everything is on one floor.

Other rooms are deluxe lagoon view. For families with small children, suitable in tipedeluxe pool view. The rooms of this category there are only five. Therefore, the bedroom door directly connected with children's pool.

In addition, there are also family suits and comfort suit. With an area of ​​55 square meters, family suits suitable for families. There are two bathrooms, one bath, one shower. There is a sofa bed, which can be utilized.

Staying at the Four Points still feels like staying in a five star hotel. Beds Starwood Hotel Group standard that is KingKoil. Additionally, rooms include 40-inch televisions with cable channels, minibar, and 24-hour in-room dining. The existence of a balcony in each room add to the comfort of staying at this hotel. The hotel room rates start from US $ 85.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Boracay in the Philippines such as Bali in Indonesia

Boracay Beach and Sailboat
Boracay Beach and Sailboat

Tourism in Indonesia is famous because of Bali, as well as in the Philippines, the country was famous attractions in Boracay.

Boracay Island in the Philippines is an island surrounded by white sand and clear blue seas, as well as being one of the favorite tourist island in the Philippines. The island is famous for having a very clean beach with white sand is very clean, perfectly white. Calm sea with very clean water. Coral reefs for senorkeling. Traditional boat as sales outlet in the middle of the sea. Boracay Island is located in the Southern region of Visayas, Philippines, to reach Boracay island can be reached by rising domestic airlines.

Boracay has a lot of beauty and attraction for tourists. White sands of Boracay is very soft, nightlife Boracay is not inferior to Kuta in Bali, full of sparkle and party all night, a variety of snacks and souvenirs, as well as souvenir shops that lined the edge of the beach with the results of local crafts are unique and interesting.

One major advantage in Boracay is the cleanliness of the beach and sea. In contrast to Bali. The beach and ocean in Bali during the rainy season is always filled with garbage and mud. If tourists are in Boracay will not see garbage strewn on the beach or floating in the sea. White Beach is the perfect name for this beach.

Bali, white sand beach in South Bali region, with garbage during the rainy season. Murky sea during the rainy season. Pollution everywhere. Very difficult to give a perfect score on a beach in Bali are filled with evil.

In contrast to Boracay, every tourist visiting the island of Boracay, they will be impressed and satisfied with the beauty and cleanliness of the beach. Perfect white sand, without garbage and mud. The sea water is very clear and clean. Clear to be able to look into the seabed.

Sailboat is an icon for tourism in Boracay Island. Traditional boat made for traditional brew. Sailboat in Boracay give the impression of a beautiful and different. Tourism with traditional transportation.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday, November 06, 2015

The rainy season in Bali will arrive, be prepared for flooding

Forecast by the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia has forecast that the rainy season in Bali will be started in early November this year. The rainy season is expected to last very long. because Bali has a very long drought, resulting hinga rice fields in Bali drought and crop failure.

The rainy season in Bali will soon arrive in November this year. Then the threat of flooding in major cities in Bali has threatened residents and transportation. Floods are common in Bali. Not only in big cities, also in real rural population of not much. Floods in Bali is most common in densely populated areas.

The characteristics of the rain will occur in November of this is the increasing temperature of the day-to day. Increased air temperature occurred on day and night. Not because the sun or global warming, but because of the greenhouse effect caused by thickening of the clouds in the sky, so that the hot air that normally would penetrate the space into space, will be reflected back to earth, so the earth confined by hot air.

Even in several locations in Bali had started to rain, though tida heavy, but quite wet soil and dust precipitate. Dust during the dry season is very common. Cars passing on the road during the dry season, most of the car body is covered by dust. Dry ground resulting in dust more easily formed, no rain, no water.

The rainy season will start to happen in November. Can be ascertained at the end of Bali will be heavy rain. Rain will occur in almost all areas in Bali. New Year's celebrations are likely to be exposed to rain. The new year is always rains in Bali. But this year there will be very heavy rain. So that the celebration of the new year may be disrupted by rain.

Holiday in Bali was time ends. Because of the dry season as the season for holidays in tropical countries is typical. If rain occurs, then the tourist activities in Bali will be disrupted. Because tourism activities in Bali are mostly done outdoors.

When the rain will occur in November, then almost all the beaches in Bali will be filled with garbage. Trash on the beach from the river that empties into the beach. When it rains the river in Bali carrying garbage from the mountain of leaves and wood, plastic waste from residential areas around the river, and carry wastewater from the city, so the beaches around the river will be polluted and dirty.

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