Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

KFC Negara, recently opened in Jembrana

KFC is now not only a place to eat for big city residents. The Negara, a small town in Bali, has opened fast food restaurant, KFC.

KFC Negara located at Jl. Ngurah Rai, in the town center. Du is very easy to find. Its location is very close.

When first opened, KFC Negara visited by many people. Long queues extended outside the restaurant. Jembrana residents seem very curious about the taste of the fried chicken sold.

KFC is known as a fast-food restaurant selling fried chicken marinated. KFC Negara sell the same types of food with KFC elsewhere.

KFC Negara demand by district citizens. Until now since it first opened, the number of buyers is still quite a lot.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Seaweed farming in Pandawa Beach has ended

Pandawa Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach, South of Kuta, Badung Bali.

Pandawa Beach has become a new tourist attraction in Bali. This beach used to be called the Secret Beach, because it is difficult to access. Now the road to reach the beach have been made, so it is no longer a secret beach.

In the past, before tourism became the mainstay of economies in Bali, Pandawa Beach is a seaweed cultivation. Farming seaweed on the beach is known for having the best quality. Seaweeds the garden because of the shallow sea that support for agriculture. People call Pandavas Beach is the beach seaweed.

Now the seaweed farm in Pandawa Beach was over. No more activities of farmers around the coast. That there are only traces of land cultivation. Seaweed farmers prefer to be traders, because it is easier and can get results quickly.

Seaweed farmers in a large part of the Pandawa Beach now selling around the coast. Small stalls provided by the government as a place to trade. In general, the Pandawa Beach is managed by the local village administration.

There is a discourse that is discussed by people around the Pandavas Beach, that the government would bring back farming of seaweed on this beach. But whether it will materialize discourse. Therefore, the coastal area has been transformed into a tourist area. Hotel and luxury villas will be built around the beach. Even in some locations on the waterfront, has been installed on the ground patot tenure.

The question is, whether the farmers will want to go back to planting of seaweed in the Pandawa Beach?!.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garbage on the beach are common in Bali

Not Bali if there is no garbage on the beach. Especially during the rainy season, the beach will be filled with garbage. Garbage is a common sight on the beach.

Almost all the beaches in Bali has garbage. Garbage from the river. Rivers carrying garbage into the sea, then washed up on the beach. If the sodium absorption ratio was never cleaned, the beach will be filled with garbage.

The habit of littering has been done by the Indonesian people since time immemorial. Because most of the former Indonesian territory is rural and forest. Plastic hard to come by, so that littering is common. Because the rubbish will be destroyed and disappear by itself.

But now the number of the population is increasing. The higher the level of consumption, so the amount of waste generated is increasing. But not matched with the service and garbage disposal facilities. Then people would throw garbage into place that allow, for example, throwing garbage in the river.

River filled with garbage. Garbage piled up in the river. During the rainy season the river will be flooded. When the flood occurred in the river, all garbage will hanyud seaward. The sea of ​​garbage floats, then washed up on the beach, so the beach filled with rubbish. So garbage in the beach mostly from rivers.

Beach that seemed very disgusting with trash is in the area of ​​southern Bali. Because in southern Bali is the center of tourism in Bali. If there is trash on the beach a tourist attraction, the tourists will feel disturbed. They will assume Bali is a dirty and disgusting, just as garbage on the beach. Whereas the trash on the beach are common in Bali, even across the beach in Bali.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tukad Gelar, best river for making love

Tukad Gelar is a name of a river in the village of Batu Agung, district of Negara, Jembrana. This river is one of the best rivers of several rivers in Jembrana. Tukad Gelar is attraction for local residents. The river is also a public bathing place for residents.

Unfortunately, the degree Tukad used as a bawdy by the young couple. The river is considered to be a very nice location for making love. Because it is in a protected forest area surrounded by clove plantations belonging to local residents. Almost every day the river is visited by a young couple to make love. Often seen a pair of young lovers kissing on a rock, in the bushes, among the trees.

Making love in Tukad Gelar is a wonderful experience for young lovers in Jembrana. The location is very quiet, comfortable, quiet, fresh, with the river water is very clean and clear.

Tukad Gelar very crowded by people because the river is very easy to accomplish. Has provided the way to get close to the river, although it is in between the mountains and forests. Unlike other rivers in Bali.

One of the icons on Tukad Gelar is a suspension bridge. The bridge connects two different villages. Although the bridge is not the only way. The bridge is also often used for shooting when selfie background.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Populist tourism turn into lifestyle tourism

Bali Indonesia, since time immemorial been known as a tourist destination. Since before Indonesia's independence from the colonizers, Bali has become a place of research and always in the search by the Europeans. Europeans came to Bali because of the people who live in Bali have a social life that is very unique, never found in any other country in the world. Bali is unique, all aspects of life and culture has grown and developed dynamically and full of magical shades that blend with nature. Arts, culture, social life, organization, and all aspects of Balinese people life is very different from life in other nations.

Initially the European people go to Bali to see the unique way of life, culture, religion, and organizations in Bali. They were amazed by the unique traditional life, but old-fashioned, well-organized, has elements of art with a very high taste, different religions that exist in other countries, but it is very similar in some aspects.

Europeans who've been to Bali disseminate interesting information about the unique life of the Balinese to the state of nature is very beautiful and attractive. So since Indonesia's independence in 1945, tourism in Bali is growing and developing well. All the runs in order and based on the beauty of art and culture in Bali. Tourists come to feel the nuances of life of the Balinese. The tourists blend into one with local residents, visiting remote villages with indigenous life and culture that is still well preserved. Seeing Balinese people dancing in temples, see traditional buildings throughout the village, follow the religious rituals, and trying to be part of the social life of the people of Bali are filled with hospitality.

Each year of life is constantly changing. Money is a top priority in the work and run life. Balinese people lifestyle habits began to imitate the Westerners who berprioritaskan on money. Since then the Balinese people way of life began to change, also affect the model of tourism in Bali.

Since the economic crisis that hit Indonesia and the world in 1997, life became chaotic. Money becomes a top priority so that people were able to survive very well. Tourism began affected. Sales of craft and art has decreased drastically.

Not only the economic crisis, the tragedy of the Bali bombing also resulted in deterioration of the economy and tourism in Bali. Kuta bombing has killed many foreign tourists and local residents. Ironically bombing in Bali is not just one time, but it happened twice with plenty of blasting. The tourism industry in Bali was being crushed and sunk. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, all relevant threatened with bankruptcy. Many workers in layoffs. Unemployment continues to grow.

Due to the further decline of the tourism industry, making the government intervened and tried to arouse in every way. The promotion continues to do to attract tourists. Ironically, the campaign carried impressed sell everything that is in Bali. Since then tourism in Bali began to change, initially was later turned into a populist tourism lifestyle tourism.

Since the Bali tourism industry began to grow very rapidly in 2007. Since then tourists visiting Bali shows different styles. They tend to come to Bali to find a beautiful place premises suitable accommodation. Not again to see the cultural life and traditions that exist in Bali.

Ironically, foreign tourists who come to Bali has a dual purpose, their vacation while doing business. They are looking for any opportunity to benefit in Bali. Buy property, build hotels, buy souvenirs for resale in their home country. And many business models do. This resulted in chaotic economic model in Bali. Bali many people should benefit from the development of the tourism industry, but in fact all just false.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Traffic congestion always occurs during the afternoon in Kuta

Traffic jams are common in Bali. But if it happens at the access road to siwata object, then the traffic congestion is hell. Travelers will feel aggrieved because his journey disrupted. Especially during the afternoon.

Kuta and Denpasar is the economic hub of Bali. Many people come and go to Kuta and Denpasar to work. Kuta as the center of tourism in Bali has a high employment. Therefore, many people go to Kuta in the morning and leave in the afternoon. So every morning and afternoon, the road to and from Kuta always traffic jams occur.

Throughout the day, during the afternoon, the street in Kuta will always traffic jams occur. This road is hell for tourists. Because of the way in Kuta Attraction connect with each other. Interrelated and connected. This road is also a priority and the closest access to the attractions that exist in the area of ​​southern Bali.

Car users and that person was in the car is the most tormented by traffic congestion in Kuta. Since each car must go hand in hand, can not overtake, and must have patience, because the very low speed.

Motorcycle and scooter users can freely on the road with oncoming traffic jams. Because motorcycles and scooters can enter the narrow gaps between the cars stopped.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pandawa Beach, the secret beach but has now opened

Pandawa Beach is one of the tourist area in the southern area of Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. This beach is located behind the hills and is often referred to as Secret Beach. Almost all the area around this beach is limestone hills. This hill covered the beauty of the beach.

But now the secret beaches have been opened. Opened for by splitting limestone hill, so that access to Secret Beach can be easily reached. Chalk hills in dredger and shaped in such a way. The Government gives permission to the investor to manage the region's limestone hills. Villas and luxury resort to be built in this region.

Beginning, before Pandawa Beach can be visited by tourists, this beach is the place for seaweed cultivation. Seaweed cultivation by residents living near the coast. Seaweed from Pandawa Beach is known to have the best quality. However, since the natural conditions of uncertainty, as well as the increasingly polluted sea water, seaweed production in Pandawa Beach wane.

Pandawa Beach is a beach that is very popular with local residents for a vacation. Beach with white sand, the sea is shallow at the edges, calm water, with a cluster of rocks that will be seen during low tide. Travelers can freely play in the water around the coast. Along the beach are also provided an umbrella for shade.

The parking lot at Pandawa Beach, there are plenty of traders that is owned by a local. They mostly only sell snacks and cold drinks. Degan ice is most easily found.

There are no hotels or villas around. Since the Pandawa Beach area is known by the public as a new tourist destination, government and investors began to make the access road to the beach. Boutique shaped not begin flattened, making it easy to build.

Pandawa beach can be reached approximately one hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. The journey can be directed from Kuta to Garuda Wismu Kencana then turn left towards Nusa Dua or Bali Cliff. You just need to pay attention to signpost reading "Pandawa Beach" to turn left to arrive at the intersection and follow the track finally arrived in Coast region Pandawa. The streets will pass rock cliffs and hills perforated wall is then filled with five Pandawa figures as the name implies.

The beginning, the road to Pandawa Beach is the road to the mining of lime. At the beginning, the way it was designed to facilitate the miners blurred transporting mining products. The road has now been expanded and dilate. The road also refine by asphalting.

When entering the Pandawa Beach area, along the road will be visible cliffs and limestone hills that have been laid out and shaped, so neat and beautiful to look at. Before arriving at the court parker, to the left of the road there is a row of large sculptures. The statue is a figure from Indian mythology. Pandawa is a character in the mythology of five dashing and handsome young man with a beautiful woman.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Balinese girl who can not actually be purchased

Bali is the island for the money. The tourism sector have an increasing impact on the economy of Bali. Many people from outside the island came to Bali to make money.

Prostitution has become part of the tourism industry in Bali. This activity is growing and becoming part of the sparkling nightlife entertainment centers. Kuta is the center of tourist activities and trade in Bali. Prostitution is also part of the trafficking of women. Although it was done behind closed doors, hidden, and personally.

Prostitution involving both men and women. In Bali, prostitution is carried out by men ever made in a documentary. And raises the ire of residents of Bali.

Female prostitutes are most easily found. In Kuta, in a small alley, front discos, bus stops, very easy to find women who sell themselves to men.

Ironically, prostitution in Bali create a bad image for the Balinese gilrs. As if prostitution was completely done by the Balinese girl. In fact, the Balinese girl uphold norms and their good image. Although there are, they may work in secret. In order not to be known or that they do not become profession for the family.

Balinese girls were innocent, they would not do bad things that can damage their social life. If a Balinese girl into prostitution, then the image of the good will be destroyed. If the family knows the profession, then he would be ostracized.

Balinese girl became the target of the men. They sought only for a date night. Though not easy getting naughty woman, however native people of Bali.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Manufacture of new hotels in Bali are continuing

Although the moratorium on the construction of new hotels have been issued by the provincial government of Bali, but in fact there are many new hotels built in the absence of action to prevent increasing the number of hotels in Bali.

Bali is the land of the most promising investments for large capital invertor. Being the region's most famous tourist destinations in the world, make Bali as a destination for a vacation and have fun. This condition is a great opportunity for investors to continue to invest in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Undeniably, the number of hotels in Bali very much. Each block of shops and housing, can easily find the hotel. Starting from the lowest class, up to five-star hotel with a very expensive price. Ranging from rooms that can be rented only one hour, until the cheap rooms that can be rented for months.

Although there are a lot of hotels with a total room in the thousands, but it did not deter the investor to make a hotel in Bali. I wonder what that into consideration, but many hoteliers in Bali are complaining, because the hotel room occupancy rate in Bali has declined. Although more and more tourists to Bali, but every hotel just get a few customers. Even customers that they can are tourists with small buged.

Low levels of hotel occupancy in Bali at this time due to the growing number of hotels. Although the number of tourists who vacation in Bali semakain increased, but they prefer to live and stay in cheap hotels. With a budget saving reasons. This condition is more difficult managing five-star hotel with expensive rates. They have to compete with cheap hotels to attract customers. Various promos and services offered, but it is still very difficult to obtain a high number of customers. Because the number of hotels continues to grow.

Bali provincial government as the main controller development in Bali, was not able to cope with this. Collusion, corruption, and nepotism became a big gap for investors to smooth their efforts to build a hotel in Bali. Various methods are used to obtain building permits, although it has imposed a moratorium on the construction of new hotels. Ironic for Bali.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beautiful rice fields in Rambutsiwi Jembrana

Rambutsiwi are in the vast area of ​​rice fields belonging to local residents. This becomes interesting scenery of rice fields, because it was very close to the beach.

Sawah in Jembrana not famous like in Ubud. The fields in Jembrana only be agricultural activities, without value as a tourist attraction, such as rice paddies in Ubud and Jatiluwih.

One area of ​​rice fields in Jembrana most beautiful is in Rambutsiwi. Rambutsiwi very vast rice fields. Located on the edge of the highway, very easy to go. Sawah in Rambutsiwi not attraction, because there are no tourist facilities to enjoy the natural beauty of this region.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Starting this month is the perfect time for a holiday in Bali

It is estimated that, starting this month rainy season in Bali has been stopped. Starting this month is the perfect time for a vacation in Bali, because the weather is very conducive to travel and visit places of interest in Bali.

The rainy season usually occurs in the months of October to April. Rain in Bali will disrupt travel and leisure activities. During the rainy season, tourists will be difficult to outdoors activities. Floods are common in Bali during the rainy season. Not only flooding, beaches in Bali will also become dirty and full of garbage, due to flooding in rivers carrying garbage into the sea, then washed up on the beach. When the beach filled with rubbish, everything looks disgusting and dirty.

Current weather in Bali showed signs of early dry season. Although the dry season, but Bali is not dry. Because Bali is surrounded by oceans, and have a lot of lakes and rivers. The dry season is the perfect time for a vacation in Bali. Despite the heat, but tourists can calmly and freely explore Bali.

Since early May, the weather in Bali showed signs are encouraging. Although the holiday season is in June to August, but the number of tourist visits began to show improvement. Foreign tourist visits increased. Although most tourists are Asian.

Bali is one of the best islands to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Bali has many beautiful beaches and enchanting. This season is the perfect time to go to Bali. Friendly weather will impact on the satisfaction of enjoying a holiday in Bali.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Beaches in Bali dirty due to flooding in the river

Beaches in Bali today mostly dirty and murky. It was caused by mud from the river. Because this time in Bali was rain throughout the day since a few days ago.

The rivers in Bali met by floods. The water comes from the river, carrying mud and debris. Flood on the river empties into the sea. Floods brought mud and garbage. All the dirt in the river to the sea.

When garbage and lumbur bucket in the ocean, all leading to the beach. Mud will be seen very clearly when sea waves occur. Ocean waves usually seen with white foam, but it looks like a brownish sludge. That mud is mixed with sea water.

On the beach, garbage strewn. All trash on the beach from the river being flooded. This season was the worst on the beach. Because almost every day of rain which resulted in the beach being dirty and full of trash. Also sea water with mud and trash.

Very disgusting is Kuta Beach, a famous beach gathering place for foreign tourists, is now the beach with a lot of garbage. Conditions like this are very common. Government can only clean up the garbage, without being able to seek and find solutions to prevent this condition happen again.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Weather in Bali today is rainying all day

Weather in Bali now erratic, unpredictable, and confusing. All were caused by climate change, resulting in changes in the weather cycle. The longer rainy season, sometimes there is no rain at all every year.

Weather in Bali today was raining all day. From morning to evening is always raining. In fact, if calculated based on annual rain cycle, today is the beginning of the dry season, but in fact the rain continued to occur since a few days ago.

Farmers become confused, because today is the harvest season. Harvesting rice in the fields. If the rain continues, it will dry out the rice should be soaked by rain. Rice became loss that farmers will get less yield.

In the area of ​​central Bali, rain intensity is higher. More rain water discharge. It can be seen from the looks cloudy and very swift river water and flooding. Whereas in the coastal area is very little rainfall intensity.

 In the Tabanan area of ​​rain accompanied by hurricanes. Many trees uprooted. In road traffic accidents often occur because of slippery roads. Branches broken from trees perindang road resulted in traffic jams.

Because of the rain that continued to occur since a few days ago. Tourism activities to be disrupted. Garbage piled up on the beach, tourists terbena hard to see the sun, because the sky was overcast, traffic congestion, moist air. Tourism activities are very disturbed by the weather conditions always rains.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A thief was beaten to death without any evidence at Kuta Beach

A young man from Java, for the first time to wander in Bali, because amazed at the freedom and sparkling in Kuta Beach, he immediately darting see the bags belonging to foreign tourists were placed in the sand and left for sun bathing and water play.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, a young man from Java, it was a walk in the Kuta Beach. He saw a bag lying on the beach. Without thinking, he took the bag that is in the sand. The bag belonged to a foreign tourist from Sweden who were playing the water at the beach. The actions seen a number of vendors on the beach of Kuta. When the thief yelled at, he is actually directly laid back black cloth bag is in place. Unfortunately, the time will be approached guard Kuta beach, it actually ran.

Achmad pursue mass made itself increasingly frantic. Even then he actually was rescued by one of the police officers. Unfortunately, when arrested by the police, the police instead slammed into the sand. Seeing the policeman fell in the sand, the masses increasingly annoyed and eventually the thief was pursued. Achmad currently no loopholes to escape, he instead chose to swim out to sea. A number of officers waiting at the edge of the beach, even two officers come to swim.

When lifeguards swam to shore, after thieves to sea, security had warned me not to fight and requested quiet. On arriving at the beach, the masses too much, because upset, direct mass thieves beat up battered. A number of lifeguards tried to dispel even had time to hit by stray. Offender accused thief without holding the evidence was finally killed on their way to Sanglah.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The new toll road, a feasibility study into the development plan of toll roads in Bali

New Toll Road Plan in Bali

Estimated construction plan of new toll roads in Bali, a picture by

Bali provincial government began to carry out a feasibility study related to the development plan of Bali toll road project linking South and North of Bali, which through the streets of Denpasar-Gilimanuk. The feasibility study for the Denpasar-Gilimanuk toll road will begin this year. There are seven points that will be built.

According to the Deputy Governor of Bali in his statement related to the construction of a toll road in Bali, seven points are located at the four toll roads, that Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka toll road, Soka-Pekutatan toll road, Pekutatan-Gilimanuk toll road, and Pekutatan-Lovina toll road.

The toll road is predicted to have a total length of about 156.7 kilometers with the cost of construction of trillions rupiah. The contractor had previously conducted a survey in order to complete the pre-feasibility study, among others, focused on the analysis of the development of the region, traffic projections, the selection of the trace with a review of the environmental aspects, costs and technical, construction cost estimates, economic analysis and financial analysis.

Construction of toll roads in Bali are expected to unravel traffic congestion that often occurs in the path of Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway. This pathway is not pernar deserted by vehicles, especially by large trucks carrying goods from Java and vice versa. Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway also be lanes for trucks from Lombok Island is heading to Java, and vice versa. Not only a large truck very much, too large buses that pass from morning to night.

During this time, Bali does not have an alternative way to connect the west, north, and the southern region. In case of accidents which have an impact on traffic congestion, the traffic flow will be paralyzed. The vehicle is not moving at all. In fact, often have to stay overnight journey.

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