Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Balinese Ceremonial lothes

Balinese Ceremonial lothes

Thursday, September 24, 2015

When there is rain in Bali

In 2015, Bali experienced a drought so painful for people. The heat can burn the skin. Because the air is very hot with the sun is very hot, making the soil becomes very dry. So that the dust becomes very much.

Currently premises through highway motorcycles, the heat was excruciating. As motorcyclists passed a huge blaze.

Weather forecast released by the government said that the rain will occur in Bala in early October. However, the possibility will predikdi melengceng, because until now there has been no sign of rain, although it has entered mid-September.

Bali is currently experiencing a water crisis. Dry rivers, dry wells, fields drought. Usually the dry season is not as it is today. But as excruciating and alarming. Who feel the impact of the dry season when it is farmers. They can not grow rice. So they do not have income.

When is the rainy season in Bali will happen? I do not know, nobody knows, although it is expected to happen in early October, but it is not certain, it is not clear when exactly.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sky Garden in Mount Batur Bali

Clouds around the summit of Mount Batur Bali in Kintamani, Bangli. When standing at the top, clouds are lower than in those who stand at the top. As being above the clouds. Clouds look like a garden in the sky.
Sky garden that is often mentioned tourists on the peak of Mount Batur during the morning. While watching the sun rise in the east. From behind Mount Agung in the east, sunrise with rays reddish.
Mount Agung Mount Batur adjacent. If seen from the summit of Mount Batur will see the peak of Mount Agung. Mount Agung in the east of Batur. Two mountain into beautiful scenery and amazing. Very beautiful if seen during the morning. If during the day, cloud the landscape at the Batur will vanish wind blown.
When the morning at the peak of Mount Batur will be a very crowded place. Because many tourists to this place to tour. Attractions Batur is one of the most sought after and became a favorite.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Enjoy the sunrise at Mount Batur Bali

Enjoy the sunrise at Mount Batur Bali
In Monut Batur Kintamani Bali

The best time to travel to Mount Batur Bali is during the morning. Because the view of the sunrise on the mountain is very beautiful. Seeing the sun is not as usual, but in a different way. Seeing the sun from the mountain top.

Enjoy the sunrise at Mount Batur Bali
In Mount Batur Kintamani Bali

While at the summit of Mount Batur Bali, as if in space in Itari by clouds. We will feel to be in a place that is very high, because the cloud is parallel to and above us.

Enjoy the sunrise at Mount Batur Bali
Enjoy the sunrise at Mount Batur Bali

Nuances such as in space can only be felt in the morning, at sunrise. When the air is very cold morning. The air is very calm with no wind blowing. Climb Mount Batur Bali during the morning while watching the sunrise was a very pleasant experience.

Climb Mount Batur Bali when the morning is a very exciting experience. It will not be forgotten, because it can be perceived tourism activities in Bali. No need to find a place that is remote and difficult to climb the mountain with family. Because Bali memili many places that can be used to climb. One of the most famous is climbing Mount Batur Bali.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

At the peak of Mount Batur Bali like being in space

Like in the sky when in Mount Batur Bali
Mount Batur Bali is a high mountain and a beautiful and interesting attractions in Bali. The mountain is very unique, because it has a very wide caldera and the residence of citizens of Bali.

Mount Batur Bali is very suitable for hiking activities, due to natural conditions and soil are extremely challenging with varying climbing lane. Although there are many hiking trails, you should still be careful, because it has many tourists who died while climbing the mountain.

Like in the sky when in Mount Batur Bali

If you are in the highest peak on Mount Batur Bali, then the circumstances will be very different nature. Initially we only see trees and grass as they walked to the top, while at the peak, we will see a stretch of white clouds surrounding the mountain. Being at the peak was in space. Space is very beautiful.

Usually tourists exploring Mount Batur Bali just before morning. Because the view of the sunrise atop Mount Batur is very beautiful and amazing. People standing on the top of the mountain as if in space. Clouds visible around the mountain.

Sunrise seen from the summit of Mount Batur Bali looks very beautiful. The sun looks as if emerging from the bottom of the mountain passes through white clouds. Sunrise at peak of Mount Batur is the most tourist destinations in the search by tourists.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

See Mount Agung in Bali

Mount Agung Bali
Bali is synonymous with beaches, while Bali also has a lot of very beautiful high mountain, one of which is Mount Agung. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. Mount Agung is also a very sacred mountain by the people of Bali. Since it is considered as the abode of ancestral spirits and gods.

Mount Agung in Bali is the volcano is still active. This mountain could erupt at any time without predictable. This mountain has a crater at the summit. Although still expressed active, but many people who live around this mountain.

Gunung Agung has perfect form if dilihta from a distance. Shaped like a cone, although at the bottom of the mountain have irregular shapes. The shape of Mount Agung is also very beautiful when seen from a distance. Rice field with mountain background gives the impression that Bali is a very fertile island and make a very prosperous citizens.

Gunung Agung be a place to climb by the climbers. This mountain can climb up to the summit in just one day. There are many hiking paths leading to the top of the mountain. However, on the holy day of the Balinese, the ascent of Mount Agung will be closed, to maintain the sanctity of this mountain, because the Balinese belief that when the holy day, the gods would come down and stay at Mount Agung.

Great Mountain peeking from behind the trees like watching a great empire surrounded by a fortress of wood. Bluish color of the clouds at the top, making the mountain is very beautiful when seen from a distance.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Weather conditions in Bali at this time are very hot

Weather in Bali is now very hot. Due to a very long summer drought resulted in nearly all areas of Bali. Paddy water shortages as rivers dry up. Plants wither, the grass dries up, the lake receded.

Weather in Bali today is very unfriendly, if during the rainy season floods, the dry season forest fires. Erratic weather, sometimes rain during the dry season, sometimes hot during the rainy season. All became chaotic.

The dry season is very hot at this time. The heat was excruciating, burning the skin, makes the head ache when exposed to sunlight. Very uncomfortable for humans.

The wind was blowing very hard. Hot air with strong winds carrying dust. Currently floating dust, the air becomes very dirty. If inhaled through the nose, is likely to be inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Currently in Bali there are many people suffering from inflammation of the airways. It was caused by the hot weather and dust. Not only the respiratory tract inflammation, as well as the human digestive tract diseases. Typhoid, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating experienced by many people in Bali today.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hotel continues to grow, the area of ​​rice fields on the wane, Subak organization threatened

Bali, tourism, hotel, art, culture, tradition, rice, sunset, beach, mountains, and the sea, all of it is owned by Bali's capital to benefit from the interest of foreigners. Tourism continues to grow and develop in Bali. Residents of Bali is getting carried away with the tourism industry which provides many advantages. Money becomes a priority in this industry, without knowing much has been sacrificed for short-term gain.

Much has been sacrificed for the sake of the development of the tourism industry in Bali. Bring investors to make a hotel, hoping to add jobs for the young residents of Bali. Large-scale promotion abroad so more and more foreigners who vacation in Bali. Transform vacant land into luxury resorts and villas. All for one purpose, the money for the welfare of all people.

After all the potential in developing tourism, after all vacant land used as luxury resorts and villas, after the promotion is done to attract tourists, tujuanpun achieved, more and more tourists coming to Bali, the potential for any business to grow well.

When all the potential in developed and functioned vacant land, it appears a new Moses, find and utilize all available land to be converted into luxury resorts and villas. All changed, no longer to earn money and new jobs, but to ivestasi for owners money.

Bali became a profitable investment for the owner of the money. The sale value of the property continues to grow and increasingly expensive. Sale value of land increasingly unnatural. Property prices are increasingly unable to be purchased by the local residents. Investors continue to flock to Bali just to build an investment without control. The government can not do anything because they are still concerned with profit.

The fields become the target of new investors, because there are no more vacant land to build a new hotel. Sawah converted into hotels, luxury resorts, villas, shopping malls, stores, and housing. Every year tens of hectares of rice fields converted into residential areas. Farmers can not do much, because they also need money to live. Because the agricultural sector no longer has the potential to benefit and to make ends meet. Paddy sold by farmers to developers.

If a lot of rice is sold, then the Subak organization will disappear over time. Subak will be the history of the development of the tourism industry as a result of uncontrolled and controlled by the government. Subak is a large and complex system of water flow. If one of the flow of water in the rice field closed because of construction of the property, then this system will be chaotic. Because water is the essence of Subak in Bali.

Government as a controller and the controller in any change in Bali, must have the courage to act decisively with a strong commitment, that the rice should be saved and maintained so as not to be lost. Sawah is the sustainer of human life. Because rice is a producer of food for humans, so that people can stay alive. If all the rice fields in Bali has gone into, turn into the building and housing, the Balinese culture will disappear, because the culture in Bali came from the fields.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Every year after the Bali bombing by terrorists, after the trauma disappeared, Bali has always been a favorite island for a vacation. As if there is no fear that is felt by tourists to visit Bali, after hundreds of people died because of the bomb in Kuta.

After the Bali bombing, there is a change to the pattern of vacation and traveled by foreign tourists. Now Bali in search as the island with beautiful beaches, sunset throughout the year, beautiful girl, and cheap hotel. Now, the main purpose of foreign tourists to Bali no longer to see the unique culture and the arts. They came to have fun at a low cost.

Bali beach is the main destination of foreign tourists on holiday, also with the girl and sunset in the evening. When the sunset at dusk, the night life was opened. All change at night. Initially just enjoy the beach with white sand, surfing, diving, at nightfall life becomes vibrant. Discotheques, bars, cafes, all full of music. Woman wandering tempting men passing on the sidewalk. All that can be enjoyed in Kuta, the most exciting town in Bali.

Beach, sunset, surf, sea, girl, it is a haven for men. As Bali is an island for the entertainment lovers who want to spend their days with relaxing and having fun. Unique culture is not the main lure on tourism in Bali. Now people prefer the nightlife.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ultra Music Festival in Bali, with a very expensive ticket

Ultra Music Festival 2015 has been held in several countries, one of the countries hosting the largest music festival is Indonesia. Bali Indonesia is a main point of Ultra Music Festival. This music festival is named Ultra Beach Bali.

Utra Beach Bali by Ultra Music Festival will be held on 24 and September 25, 2015. Based on the date of the event, the festival will take place over two days in Bali. But not conveyed any artists who will perform in this festival.

One very burdensome on the implementation of Ultra Beach Bali by Ultra Music Festival is a very expensive ticket. Ticket prices offered relatively expensive for the citizens of Indonesia, especially Bali residents. Based on a press release from the promoter on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, Ultra Beach Bali tickets will be on sale from 22 June 2015. There are three classes of tickets to be able to witness one of the biggest dance music festival in the world for two days.

Sales of tickets for the first period is Pre-Sale, tickets will be sold at a price of Rp. 2100000. Tickets for the Ultra Music Festival Ultra Beach Bali at the normal price is Rp. 2500000. While most high-class tickets are VIP, these tickets are sold at a price of Rp. 4000000. For further information about tickets, can directly check the official website at

Friday, June 19, 2015

Bali Arts Festival is not opened by the president, a resident of Bali disappointed

Initially the Governor of Bali are very sure that the Bali Arts Festival will be opened by the president. Because the president has said his willingness to open up the arts in Renon parade on Saturday, June 12th last. But in fact the president only sent their representatives to open this annual event.

Residents of Bali are very disappointed with the president. Because the president did not come and open an art parade. President in broken down by the minister during the opening parade.

Years ago, when Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was president, he always came and opened the parade of art. SBY for ten years as president, he always came and opened the parade of art. Residents of Bali are very proud of him.

This year is the first year the Bali Arts Festival held since Jokowi became president. Citizens are expecting the president opened the annual festival this. Because Bali is the largest foreign exchange earner to the country in the field of tourism industry. It is reasonable presumably if Jokowi is expected to open an art parade.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kuta Beach Bali danger of being lost

Kuta Beach Bali is now very poor condition. At some point there has been a reduction in the beach due to abrasion. Even when compared to the first beach now, formerly a wider and wider. But now Kuta Beach is getting smaller and narrower.

Abrasion has occurred in all the beaches in Bali. Especially at the beach with sand. The most severe abrasion occurs in the area of ​​West Bali. Kuta as a famous tourist area, not escape from abrasion on the beach. Sand scrape abrasion and cut off the sand that forms the beach.

If abrasion on Kuta Beach continues, then this beach will be lost, what remains is the former concrete hotel near the beach. Abrasion will eliminate Kuta Beach to Seminyak Beach.

Ocean currents in the Strait of Bali is very tight. These currents can sweep large vessels. A very strong current in the ocean can be clearly seen in Gilimanuk. From the beach can be seen very strong current flows. If the passing ship at sea do not have a powerful engine, the ship can be washed away.

Many opinions and speculation in the community about the causes abrasion on Kuta Beach. Many people say that the abrasion caused by the reclamation will be undertaken at the Ngurah Rai Airport to extend the runway trajectory plane. Many also believe that the abrasion occurred at Kuta Beach caused by global warming. Whatever the cause, the fact that Kuta Beach in danger of disappearing due to abrasion.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trevel agent in Bali is deceiving many tourists

Normally tourists will use a travel agent to facilitate their activities while on vacation le Bali. Travel agents in Bali very much, but not all travel agents have a business license from the government. The agency came up with unfair competition.

Competition is commonplace business greetings. Any travel agent in Bali must compete but unfair competition often occurs. The competition impact on the quality of service and honesty in every agency. This has an impact on the satisfaction and comfort of tourists who were vacationing in Bali.

Fraud and deception to tourists carried out by the travel agent is very common in Bali. Tourists often feel cheated by promises and tempting offer, but while in Bali, a tourist just got something that is not in accordance with the previously offered.

Additionally, when visiting certain attractions in Bali, a tourist just invited to places that are considered profitable travel agency. Tourists often invited to shops, galleries, malls, and places that will give great rewards to agents when brought many tourists to their place.

The tourists are also often invited to a place that is not in accordance with the previous bid. Suppose, on the tourist offer is brought to Besakih that is located in the mountains, but while in Bali, a tourist just invited to a temple in a remote village and say that it is Besakih. This is done to save gasoline and time, so that the benefits agency.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Explore the island with a scooter

Bali island is not real extensive, but not small. Therefore, the island is very easy to navigate and can be completed in just one day while visiting places of interest. Only by using a scooter, the island can be easily explored.

The scooter is very easy to get in Bali. The scooter is a vehicle commonly used for traveling by people in Bali. Almost everyone in Bali have a scooter. Without a scooter, then it is very difficult to travel anywhere, because in Bali there is no effective means of mass transport with a population very much.

Travelers who want to get a scooter, there are many places in Bali scooter rentals. Kuta, near Kuta Beach there are many who rent out scooters. This region is the center of the vehicle rental. Because Kuta is a gathering place for travelers from foreign countries. Selecting hotels in Kuta, then all the facilities can easily be in the can.

Only with 3 to 5 dollars, you can rent a scooter which can be used all day. Excluding petrol. A scooter for two people. Scooters can be brought anywhere. To always remember to restore, or you will be searching by the police.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bali's largest mall, Mal Bali Galeria

Mal Bali Galeria is old and the largest mall in Bali. The mall is broad enough to be explored. Although only two floors, but there are plenty of shops and stalls in it. The mall also has a large parking area.

Mal Bali Galeria very strategic location. Being in front of the Statue of Dewa Ruci, which is famous for its street of underpass, and the convergence of the vehicle center of Kuta in Denpasar. Located in the center of commerce and tourism, so the mall is always crowded with people.

People who come to Mal Bali Galeria usually for walks, hanging out, and look at products that are trends on display in a shop window. Clothing stores that sell the products most in demand. Because clothes are sold in the mall with brands. There is always a discount, then visitors will be very crowded mall.

There is also a food vendor booths at the Mal Bali Galeria. Foods sold vary greatly. Pizza Hut, a traditional Indonesian food, beverages, and meatballs.

Mal Bali Galeria have green concepts. Garden with plants everywhere. Inside the mall is open space, sky visible, while rain water can get into the park. The lobby is also very spacious mall.

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