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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

North Bali is hot climates

Bali being tropical region. All areas get sun evenly throughout the year. But, not all areas in Bali good place to live. 

Bali is divided into four regionsthat is North Bali, West Bali, South Bali, and East Bali. In the middle of the island is a mountain area with dense forests, although in some places has been a settlement. In general, Bali hot climates, evenly distributed throughout the island region. Only in the mountain region the temperature is very cold. Bali clearance can also rains every year on a regular basis. Bali is an island so lush.

North Bali is region of Buleleng and Karangasem.  West Bali is Jembrana, and some of Tabanan. South Bali is some part of Tabanan, Denpasar, Badung, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran. East Bali is Klungkung, and some part of Gianyar.

But unlike in South Bali area which has many tourist attractions and develop into the region's tourism industry, North Bali is located in the northern mountains. When compared with other areas of Bali, North Bali climate is very hot. Even in some places very arid condition with no trees, only grass that is capable of living. Humidity is low, and the wind does not always relieve oneself in this region. It happened because of the wind that moves from south to north is blocked by mountains.

Rainfall in North Bali is very low. If in South Bali, rain occurs for months during the rainy season, in the northern rain only occurred a few days. This resulted in the northern rivers have no water. Very dry and not good to stay. Low rain caused by a cloud of water vapor from the south to the north is blocked by the mountains in the center of Bali. So in the mountains region of Bali most frequently occurring rain.

Water is in short supply. Therefore, many people in North Bali rely on water supplied by the local government brought by using tank cars, and even then not routinely given, just a few weeks. If they are short of water, recording will search for water up to the side of the mountain.

Poverty is the impact of drought in North Bali. Many residents in North Bali including in poor families. They can not cultivate agricultural land because there is no water. Only during the rainy season they farm. After that, they will wait until it rains again. If it did not rain for a year, they will become beggars in the city.

This condition has never been a serious concern by the provincial government of Bali. The government never did serious research and review to improve the situation in North Bali. Many activists have criticized the government to pay attention to this condition, but the government seemed to turn a blind eye and let the drought continues in North Bali.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Beyond Bali Travel Fair (BBTF) 2014

Government together with ASITA (Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel), local governments, and regional tourism promotion agency will organize Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF), by inviting buyers and sellers of domestic and international.

International tourist market, Beyond Bali Travel Fair (BBTF), will be held on 11 to June 14, 2014 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) in Nusa Dua and Beachwalk in Kuta, Bali. The event is titled "Getaway to Indonesia's Creative Tourism" and is the first time held.

In Beyond Bali Travel Fair 2014, will be attended by 450 local sellers, 350 buyers domestic and international, coming from 55 countries. According to the committee to date there have been approximately 441 sellers who participate in BBTF, including 75 hotels and resorts, 354 tour operators, 13 tourist attractions, and 2 government agencies.

Implementation of Beyond Bali Travel Fair 2014 will be divided into two sessions, each for two days. The first session was held in BNDCC involving buyers to buyers (B2B), which the buyers can exchange information. The second session involving buyers to consumers (B2C) will take place at Beachwalk, Kuta, Bali.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gan In, photo shooting in Bali

Previously reported that Ga In has done photo shoots in Bali. This time, a few photos have been released for The Celebrity magazine.

With the island atmosphere is bright and beautiful, Ga In looks posing in the sun with riveting. Featuring short haircut bangs bright, white Ga In as sparkling sunlight in Indonesia.

Wearing a swimsuit, Ga In posing beside a pool with an expression that is very distinctive eyes. As if Ga In invites the fans to vacation with him, as reported by allkpop.

Ga-In will adorn the May 2014 issue of the magazine with the beauty of Bali beach beauty background.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Paddy yellowing, no longer harvest season

Paddy yellowing, no longer harvest season
Bali has a lot of rice fields. The most extensive rice fields located in Tabanan. Tabanan is the most widely rice producer. When the harvest time approached, all yellowing rice fields. Indicates if the rice is ready for harvest. All looks very beautiful. With terraced rice fields in the hills.

Farmers plant rice for economic needs. Unlike such antiquity, farmers grow rice for their daily meals. But now they grow rice to earn money. Money is their main needs. If the first farmers store their rice in the barn, now all rice sold for money.

Farming system in Bali which regulate the distribution of water called Subak. Subak is a traditional organization in Bali that regulates the water system. Subak system has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage that should be preserved. Subak system has existed since time immemorial. Created by the ancestors of Balinese people. They are very clever and capable of knowing what to do.

At present almost all paddy fields in Bali has yellowed. That's the sign of paddy ready for harvest. Unlike the past, the harvest is done traditionally, in collaboration between farmers picking rice. But now the harvest is done by others. Farmers just sit waiting for the harvest. Harvest was using the machine, so it can be done quickly and do not need to laboriously.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

About rabies virus in Bali

About rabies virus in Bali
The spread of the rabies virus in Bali increasingly worrisome. In fact, the number of dogs in Bali were infected with the rabies virus is less than 0.1%, or about 400 dogs, of the estimated dog population in Bali is reached 500000. Very little but has a great impact on the citizens. Like disease in humans, the number of recorded dog rabies is smaller than the actual. Like the iceberg phenomenon, which recorded very little, but the dog rabies very much.

The spread of the rabies virus in Bali as very fast. Initially only six villages in three districts in 2008, rabies cases increased to 43 villages in 22 districts in 2009, but data was only recorded where the spread of rabies. In 2010 increased to 239 villages in 51 districts. Bali pick the 385 villages and 55 districts, thus more than 92 percent of the districts that have been exposed to rabies.

Cases of rabies in Bali was first noticed on 23 November 2008, and two days later found two people dead from rabies. Based on the data, rabies in Bali in 2008 amounted to 21993 cases, and 122 people die from rabies. In 2009 rabies cases increased to 45466 cases, 195 people died, and 2010 to 45073 cases with 152 dead.

The government imposed a three-step reduction of rabies in Bali. Vaccinate the dogs, doing elimination or kill a dog that tested positive for rabies, and provide socialization of rabies, to the people of Bali.

Residents of Bali is like a dog. Dogs have become friends and complement the lives of the people of Bali. If they do not keep a dog, the house was quiet. Dogs maintained to keep the house and a friend play. However, many dogs are not properly maintained. Not fed regularly, so the dog had to go out looking for food, dogs are susceptible to illnesses resulting from contact with the wild dogs. From there the spread of rabies virus occurs.

Habits of residents of Bali to the streets throwing puppies also be the cause of the rapid spread of the virus of rabies in Bali. A puppy that is not expected to be abandoned by their owners, are vulnerable to rabies than wild dogs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How many temples in Bali?

How many temples in Bali?
Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples. There are many temples in Bali. In one village there are at least three temples. Not including the temple which has a higher level. Because, each temple has different levels, according to the current goal cult.

Temples in Bali grouped by level. Kind also varies, based on the revered god. From the beach to the top of the mountain, the river to the lake, fields to forests, huge stone up a big tree. All places in Bali has a temple. With different functions.

So, how many temples in Bali?. Temple in Bali is around 6002, and will continue to grow, along with increasing human settlements in Bali. Since each village has a temple. Special functions and temples made with a specific purpose.

Very many temples in Bali, categorized into several groups, because in reality not all temple is a place of worship for the average person, or the general public. Not all of the knot can be used for worship by everyone. Each temple has a different function.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rabies virus is becoming an epidemic in Bali

Getting a dog is a necessity for the people of Bali and has become a tradition and a habit that is hard to break. Almost all Bali residents keep dogs, except Muslims. The main purpose and objective of getting a dog to be a keeper at home. Not only keeping of criminals, as well as to keep the house from wild animals that can threaten.

Since the first dog has become a friend to the people of Bali. Dog to its owner loyalty has been tested for thousands of years. Dogs have always been human's friends, the most loyal, although sometimes people treat dogs with rough.

The problem arises, when the dog is getting a lot of abandoned due to lack of attention of the owner. Many dogs roam the streets, and hunger. So dogs are susceptible to illnesses. One of the diseases in dogs are very dangerous and can be transmitted to humans is rabies.

Rabies is a virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Many dogs infected with rabies in Bali. Most dogs infected with rabies in Bali is a neglected stray dog owners. The habit of throwing the baby dog in the street by people of Bali have become a problem for themselves. Outbreaks rabieh a threat throughout Bali.

A few years ago, deaths from dog bites serious attention of government and the World Health Organization. The number of deaths from dog bites rabies in Bali, the government made a serious act. The government eliminated the dog by killing all unclaimed stray dogs. This action is intended to prevent a dog bite victims.

In addition to killing stray dogs, the government also educate people by providing knowledge about rabies, and the impact that can be caused if a puppy abandoned on the streets.

Although current dog bite cases on the wane, as well as awareness of the pet dog 's health, it can not prevent deaths from rabies in Bali. Currently there are still cases of dog bites that resulted in death in Bali.

Many Balinese people are now turning to maintain import purebred dogs. However, the natural and climatic conditions that are not in accordance with the eligibility live dogs, have a negative impact on the health of the dog. Many breeds of dogs infected with rabies in Bali and be a threat to residents of Bali.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Traffic congestion, garbage, floods, crime, but Bali still excellent

Temple in Bali
Bali today very different from the time immemorial. The differences seen in the aftermath of bombings in Kuta that killed hundreds of people. Bomb happened several times. But until now, there are many tourists visiting Bali. In fact, every year, tourist arrivals increases on many who come to Bali. Not only thousands of tourists, but the millions of tourists each year.

Bali has a lot of ugliness. Garbage, traffic jams, floods, higher crime, fraud, and much more. But Bali remains to be excellent for foreign tourists. What exactly are able to maintain the existence of the tourism industry in Bali?.

Actually, many factors make Bali still visited by tourists from different countries. Not only natural beauty, also the lives of people in Bali are very different from anywhere else on earth. In fact, there are tourists who say that everything is in Bali. This assumption is true, but not always true. Even after the making of a movie about romance, that are set in Bali, Eat Pray Love, make Bali more famous. One of the people who became famous in Bali, because the movie starring Julia Roberts, and visited by many tourists is Ketut Liyer.

The following are factors that make Bali is always visited by tourists from various countries:

There are many beautiful places in Bali
Bali has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Bali has many beautiful beaches. Almost all beaches in South Bali become tourist attractions worldwide. Beach with white sand and ocean waves are very suitable for surfing. Kuta Beach is one of the most famous. In addition to beautiful beaches, Bali also has panoramic ocean with fabulous underwater. Many divers visit the ocean on Bali to see the beauty of the coral reefs and fish are very diverse. Bali also has beautiful mountains and lakes. Forest can be explored. World-class zoo. Unique terraced rice fields with traditional irrigation organization that has been recognized by UNESCO. So Bali has many interesting and beautiful places that exist on the island. From the sea to the mountains, everything is beautiful.

Art and culture are unique
Balinese people are very famous for its high artistic ability. Proven by the many types of dances are highly dynamic, varied types of traditional music that people liked. Dance with the magical elements that are very high, which can make people feel amazed. In addition to the art, rituals and religious activities in Bali is very unique. Cremation procession with magnificent ceremonies and rituals. The design and architecture of temples and buildings in Bali is also very unique and interesting. Bali has a nickname as the island of a thousand temples. The concept of building temples in Bali is very united and harmony with nature. So if someone enters the area of the temple in Bali, very soothing natural shades.

Many water rides to play
Bali has many attractive vehicle to play. Water rides are the most numerous. A playground for adults to children all in Bali. Obviously with cheap price and good service.

Balinese people are very friendly
The hospitality of the people of Bali are well known to various countries. Anyone who was in Bali will not feel alienated, because the Balinese people will always greet you wherever you are. Residents of Bali is always open to anyone who becomes their friend. Smiles and laughter will always be visible, as the They are your friends while walking around in the corner of Bali. Residents of Bali has a very high social life. If you need help, they will not hesitate to help you. So do not feel weird, uncomfortable, or afraid, if you will be greeted, given a smile without you know. Do not worry if the children close to you will bring you joking, or greet you with a very bad english. That's how they greet strangers they see. Balinese people are very easy to get along and make friends with strangers.

Cheap travel
Bali is part of Indonesia with a high inflation rate. All sectors of the economy in Bali influenced by economic stability in Indonesia. Indonesian currency rates are extremely weak. That's what causes the prices of all goods and services in Bali is very cheap for foreign tourists. Even with just one dollar, tourists can buy a tasty beer. The cost is very cheap accommodation, cheap food, buying clothes at a low price, rental cars and motorcycles are very cheap. So all goods and services in Bali is very cheap for foreign tourists. The cost of travel and accommodation in Bali is still relatively cheap compared to other tourist destinations in the country. Bali is also quite close to Australia, which is why Australian travelers are the most visited Bali.

Bali is a tourist spot of shopping
Not only is the hotel and restaurant to be excellent in Bali, also shopping in the entire island. Many famous fasion brand open stores in Bali. Shirt, pants, bags, sports equipment and surfing, electronics, all in Bali, even at low prices. Beautiful and interesting souvenirs are sold cheap.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not only Ketut Liyer

Ketut Liyer is an old man from Bali, he is very famous, because his character is involved in a movie starring Julia Roberts. The movie titled Eat Pray Love which some scenes were taken in Bali, with a unique character in the movie is a man who is a traditional healer. People call it by name Ketut Liyer. A practitioner of traditional medicine which is renowned for its ability to predict a person by reading the lines on your palms.

Ketut Liyer is not the only traditional healer in Bali. There are many people who work as a healer. Traditional treatment techniques that are applied are still using old-fashioned methods. Method with prayers and the help of the ancestors. Commonly used medicinal herb derived from nature. Simple, heal, but it needs patience.

Most physicians in Bali do not provide current drug treatment practices. They will give the recipe to make a traditional herb that should be formulated by the patient. Balinese people are already accustomed to mix their own herbs. The ingredients can be easily obtained in nature. Because almost all of the plants on this earth to have medicinal properties.

Ketut Liyer learned traditional medicine from his parents, as well as from books and theories are given their parents. Necessary intelligence to learn the techniques of treatment with the study independently. The ability to learn something well and right without constraint called Taksu. Taksu for the Balinese people is very necessary for the smooth and do something. Taksu also be interpreted with cleverness.

However, most practitioners of traditional medicine in Bali, getting medicine from the revelation given by the ancestors. It's silly, but it is real. Usually people who get a revelation to become a physician can not refuse. Treatment techniques assisted by the ancestors revealed, without having to learn it first.

So Ketut Liyer not the only practitioners of traditional medicine in Bali. There are many medical practitioners tradisoinal more intelligent, and able to heal. There are over Bali, not only in Ubud.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where is Bali?

Where is Bali?, Map of Bali

Almost everyone in this world knows Bali island, but they did not know about the real of Bali, many people ask, "Where is Bali?".

So, Where is Bali?. Before answering these questions, I will discuss about Bali in general.

People know Bali as a tourist destination which is very famous. Beautiful beaches, cheap entertainment, green rice fields, dynamic dances. There are cultural, artistic, and unique traditions. All can be found in the island. Want to find the mountain, want to find the sea, want to find a beach, want to find a lake, all in Bali.

Where is Bali?, Map of Bali
Bali's increasingly popular since the bomb tragedy in Bali, which killed hundreds of people. Since the tragedy of the bombing, Bali increasingly popular and is currently visited by many tourists. Increasingly crowded Kuta, Kuta night life more festive and visited by many people.

Bali is a small island located in the territory of Indonesia. The island is very small. Bali is part of Indonesia, and is a province. So Bali is an Indonesian province located on a small island. Difficult to find the island on the map. You who do not know the Indonesian island of Bali will have no trouble finding the conventional map. But if you are looking for by using Google Map, certainly very easy.

Where is Bali?, Map of Bali
Bali is famous since time immemorial, since the occupiers of the West Country are in Bali. The Netherlands was the first country to colonize the Balinese people. Since then Bali became famous. The main reason Bali is famous, is because Bali has culture, art, and religion is very unique. As well as a very high social life with other people.

Not only art, culture, and religion that makes Bali very famous, also natural beauty. The beach is one of the most interesting in Bali. Bali has many beautiful beaches with white sand. One of the most famous beaches in Bali is Kuta Beach.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Legislative elections went well and safe in Bali

Legislative elections which took place on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Bali, is progressing well, with no fuss and no mess. All safe in all regions of Bali. The defeated parliamentary candidates have also received with sincere. They accept defeat with the mindset that people do not need them as parliamentarians.

Great excitement displayed by the victors in a parliamentary election. Many candidates elected parliament held a victory party at his home. Residents are invited to celebrate the victory. Many parliamentary candidates who lost to feel envy. They feel a loss because they have spent a lot of money to campaign and promote themselves.

Indonesia's legislative elections held simultaneously throughout Indonesia. In general, all went well and smoothly. This election is the best election in the history of Indonesia. Due to be held directly by the people of Indonesia, transparent, free and fair.

After the legislative elections, the people of Indonesia will hold a presidential election, to choose the best president for the people of Indonesia. Direct presidential elections will take place in June 2014.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 07, 2014

April 2014 frequent rain

April this year rainfall becoming more frequent. Indeed, this month is still the rainy season. But at the end of April there should be no more rain.

Many activities in the month of April to be disrupted. Especially for the people of Bali who are having a wedding ceremony. This month there are many people who get married because it is a good day. But it is unfortunate if the wedding ceremony is held to be interrupted due to rain.

This month is also the flu season for residents of Bali. Many who experience flu due to erratic weather. Body condition is not prime is also an impact on the flu in the body.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Penjor Galungan 2014

Penjor is part of the equipment during the celebration of Galungan ceremony. Also for Galungan 2014 Penjor also part of the celebration of Galungan. On the day of Galungan must be Penjor. Therefore, the upcoming Galungan day, I created the term, namely Penjor 2014.

Penjor 2014 is likely to experience growth in its manufacture. Likely to use raw materials that are ready for the raft into a Penjor. Like last year, many Penjor made ​​with raw materials that are ready to be assembled. This year will be the same as years ago.

Penjor 2014 followed the trend and natural conditions. There are currently very difficult to obtain raw materials for the manufacture of Penjor. The raw materials of nature on the wane, because the forest and moor on the wane as a result of development. Most of the raw materials for Penjor obtained from the market to buying. Because very few natural materials, are being replaced by synthetic materials, namely fabric and paper.

Bring in from outside Bali is also an option to meet the raw material for making Penjor. Palm leaves that have preserved the best choice. Dried palm leaves more durable, bright yellow color, and cheaper. However, the availability of an obstacle in the market to make Penjor, to make it more lively and attract. Therefore, many people mix the raw materials held.

Penjor Galungan 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Galungan 2014 will be full of color

Galungan 2014 will be full of color
Galungan 2014 took place on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. Just like previous years, this time Galungan day will be full of color. Because the Balinese people expected economic growth increasing. That means the purchasing power of citizens of Bali is growing. So, when in 2014 the first celebration of Galungan, Balinese people will celebrate with great fanfare.

Galungan is a feast and the holiday's most anticipated by residents of Bali. Also the kids will feel very happy when the day of Galungan. Because at that time the kids usually got something special from their parents. Getting new clothes, toys, pocket money that much, on vacation visiting grandma and grandpa. Galungan holiday is also a day to get closer to relatives to grow the spirit of kinship between brothers.

When Penjor manufacture will also be the most proud of when will celebrate Galungan 2014. Because of the tendency to buy supplies to make Penjor also higher. If all the people of Bali made ​​Penjor by purchasing equipment ready in the chain, then certainly all Penjor will look nice and full of color.

Development trends during the celebration of Galungan is also a concern citizen. Due to religious activities and rituals have become a trend and merges with the changing times and lifestyles. That is why Hindu people of Bali to continue to exist to this day. Trends, the changing times, lifestyle, and rituals have become one with the life of the Balinese.

Galungan Day has also become a showcase of luxury by the people. Sometimes they flaunt valuables while performing prayers in the temple. Naturally, when they go abroad to work, and came home with a lot of money, as showing the results of what they are looking for while working.

Whatever it is, at least on the day of Galungan in 2014, nothing happened that could damage social relationships between people. Since the day of Galungan is a day to be together.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 03, 2014

HIV cases in Bali

Based on data from the Bali Provincial Health Office, the official number of people with HIV/AIDS in Bali is 8141 people, but the actual number is estimated at 26000, according to the theory of icebergs in the sea.

HIV cases in Indonesia, was first discovered in Bali, in 1987. The first patient is a Dutch nationality stateless person who was in Bali. The person is seriously ill, with symptoms of the disease according to the symptoms of people with HIV, as it has been released at that time. A year after the announcement of the discovery of the virus that causes AIDS in America.

Until now, people with HIV to official data recorded is 8141 people. The estimation is based on the results of monitoring of the distribution of HIV/AIDS cases in Bali, and a survey in 2012 of 2000 respondents, 20% were HIV-positive. This indicates that there are still many people with HIV who have not been recorded, and potentially spreading HIV to others. Especially teenagers whose activity is very high. Especially sexual activity that is always changing partners, and would be detrimental to the health of their partners.

Based on data from the Bali AIDS Commission, from 8141 people with HIV/AIDS in Bali until August 2013, there were 77.7% infected through heterosexual and 4.4% through homosexual. 39.4% at age 20-29 years old, and 36.13% at age 30-39 years old.

The development of the tourism industry in Bali is one of the major factors in the spread of HIV cases. Increasing number of discotheques, cafes, and brothels, as the entertainment of the tourists who were in Bali, became one of the highest HIV infection in Bali. Sometimes discotheque into a sale and purchase transactions of narcotics, from the beginning where the youth begin to recognize narcotics and into the early spread of HIV.

The use of condoms in sexual activity is not a priority by a number of people in Bali. Whereas the use of condoms in sexual activity can prevent HIV transmission, although also not fully guarantee, at least the potential for HIV transmission can be reduced. The assumption in the use of condoms does not give satisfaction remains a major problem in the prevention of HIV transmission in Bali. The difficulty of educating citizens in an effort to practice safe sex, as well as a lack of understanding of the impact that will result from unprotected sex, become a very difficult obstacle to overcome.

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